Free TapWiser App Orders Beer for you

Free TapWiser App Orders Beer for you

Free TapWiser App Gives Restaurants Easy, Convenient Way to Order Beer

Restaurant operators have a lot on their plates – starting the day early prepping food for their customers, hustling during busy mealtimes to deliver outstanding food and service, and then cleaning up and carving out time late in the evenings to handle critical business matters. With all these details to juggle, technology plays an increasingly important role in the restaurant business, yet many retailers simply don’t have the resources or time to fully leverage it.

We recognize the many challenges restaurant operators face – that’s why we created TapWiser, a new beer-ordering app that gives restaurants and other retailers an easy and convenient way to access their account representative and place beer orders, anytime. Available for free download for iOS and Android, TapWiser complements the dedicated service of beer account representatives and gives retailers the freedom and flexibility to order beer on their schedule, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The TapWiser ordering process is simple: browse the list of available products, select the order, submit the order and receive a receipt with an estimated time of delivery. Previous orders will be stored automatically in the app for one-touch ordering, making it easier for retailers to make repeat orders.

TapWiser is more than just a beer ordering app – it also captures historical sales data in one convenient location and gives retailers access to sales trends and insights that can help their business:

  • The ability to review and process current or past invoices
  • Order analytics that highlight top-selling beers at-a-glance
  • Local sales trends that identify the best-selling beers in a set area to better inform purchasing
  • Access to an accompanying online portal at for ordering and processing payments via desktop

Anheuser-Busch has a long history of innovation and that extends to bring retailer partners new and convenient ways to manage their beer business.  Tap Wiser is in the testing phase now, but rolling out into other markets is being considered.

TapWiser is available now to customers of A-B Sales of Washington, via the Apple app store or Google Play. Or, reach out to an A-B Sales of Washington representative for more information.

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