First Aid Training – Everyone needs it

First Aid Training – Everyone needs it

Knowing first aid means you’re more likely to know what to do to help someone in case of emergency. 

1. You’ll be more prepared as a parent.

If you’re a parent, then you don’t need to be told that you have one of the most difficult, important, and rewarding jobs in the entire world. Your little ones are no doubt everything to you, and you’d naturally be willing to do anything to keep them safe. That said, every parent should be able to say they know what to do in case of emergency.

Formalized first aid courses ensure that you don’t just think you understand how to handle various situations. You know you know how. Your kids’ friends, your spouse, your friends, and any of your guests will also be safer with you around.

2. You’ll feel incredibly empowered.

Most of us feel like we’d know what to do in case of emergency. However, there’s a certain peace of mind a person attains when they know beyond the shadow of any doubt that they’d be able to handle anything life might send their way. This is especially the case when it comes to protecting the ones they love most.

That said, formalized first aid training is an incredible confidence booster. It’s a wonderful thing to know that you could potentially really help someone or even save someone’s life. It’s also empowering to know that you weren’t like everyone else who simply says they’re going to learn how to do something important. You actually took real steps to better yourself and make good on your word.

3. You’ll be more valuable as an employee.

If you’re like many people, you don’t necessarily think “job opportunities” when you think of reasons to formally learn first aid. However, it’s worth realizing that first aid training doesn’t just benefit doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other professionals that are required to get it.

Formal first aid training and certification are especially impressive resume additions for those going into fields that find them watching over others in any capacity. For instance, any lifeguard or childcare provider should seriously consider getting first aid training. The same goes for teachers, personal trainers, and coaches. Even retail salespeople, wait staff, and hospitality staff become more attractive as employees when they know first aid – a real advantage in today’s tough job market.

It’s not just about being properly qualified to help someone if they’re hurt, either. The decision to go through with learning such an important skill and pursue a certification shows potential employers that you’re someone dedicated, serious, and reliable – someone that holds themselves to high personal standards.