The Washington Hospitality Association presented a webinar with the Department of Commerce to walk through the application process for Working Washington 5 grants. We compiled some of the questions our members asked.


If we received the PPP Loan and it was forgiven. Are we eligible for a WW 5 grant if we received a forgivable PPP loan?

PPP loans do not impact eligibility for WW5.

My restaurant was established in 2021. Am I eligible for a WW5 grant?

No, to be eligible you must have been in operation before Jan 1, 2021.

Are food delivery services (e.g., DoorDash, Uber Eats) eligible for WW5 grants?

No, third-party delivery drivers are not eligible for this round of grants.

What if I have not yet filed my tax return for 2021 yet as we filed an extension?

Applicants need to submit 2019, 2020, and 2021 tax forms for this application. 2021 tax forms are required with your application.

We operate multiple locations in multiple states under the same EIN. Our tax return is for the EIN and it does not break out the individual locations.  How should I handle that on the application?

To be eligible for WW5, your business needs to be based in Washington state and 51% of your revenue needs to be generated from Washington state. Please submit the total gross revenue for your business and tax documentation as submitted in 2019, 2020 and 2021.


I applied for the UEI number. There was an error with the entity verification. I created an Incident Ticket. Can you recommend a fix since I am concerned about a delay in the application?

UEI numbers are issued by the Federal Government, and information about technical support can be found here:


Is the user ID and password the same as the one we have used for previous grant applications?

The Department of Commerce has partnered with Submittable to run the application portal. If you already have a Submittable user ID and password you may use it for this application.

Where can I create a Submittable account?

There will be a link to the grant applications and the option to create your Submittable account at when the portal opens on Aug. 17.

If there are three owners with different ownership percentages, does it matter who fills out the form as the true owner?

Any of the registered owners may complete the application.

We are a partnership LLC with multiple business partners. Do we need to upload an ID for everyone or just the person who is applying on behalf of the LLC?

Just for the person who is authorized to apply on behalf of the LLC.