By: Nicole Vukonich

Hill Climb is more than a day filled with briefing presentations and meetings. Hill Climb is all about making connections with your fellow owners and operators in the hospitality industry and making connections with your lawmakers. As business owners, you know how incoming policy proposals will affect you and your business’ bottom line.

Your stories and examples of hardships and success within the hospitality industry are invaluable to your legislators. When you have face-to-face meetings with your local lawmakers, you are representatives of the industry. These meetings might also be the beginning of a new, working relationship between you and your senators and representatives in the legislature.

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This session, the top legislative priority is passage of Third Substitute Senate Bill 5251, a bill to create a statewide tourism marketing program. Tourism is a critical piece of our economy, especially for our small, rural, tourism-dependent communities. Our state needs to reinvest in tourism to draw international visitors and travelers from across the United States. As the only state in the U.S. without a statewide tourism marketing program, we are losing market share to neighboring states and provinces. Tourism is central to the hospitality industry and when more out of town visitors come to our state, they help generate additional revenue to our small, local communities.

Here’s the thing: the meetings are set, the team is ready; we just need you! We need you to register and be there at Hill Climb on Monday, Jan. 29!