Every Vote Counts: Don’t forget to return your November ballot!

Every Vote Counts: Don’t forget to return your November ballot! https://wahospitality.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/ballot-drop-box-bothell.jpg

Washington Hospitality encourages members to participate in the Nov. 7 general elections.

The Association has endorsed candidates in three special elections for state senate and house seats. The outcome of the senate race in District 45 is particularly important as it will determine the makeup of the State Senate during the 2018 legislative session.

We have also endorsed candidates in Tacoma and Spokane races and support the endorsements of the Seattle Hospitality for Progress, the political arm of the Seattle Restaurant Alliance and Seattle Hotel Association.  The election of all of these endorsed candidates will be a victory for hospitality.


District 45:
Senate: Jinyoung Lee Englund

District 7:
Senate: Shelly Short
House: Jacquelin Maycumber

District 31:
Senate: Philip Fortunato
House: Morgan Irwin

Mayor: Jenny Durkan
City Attorney: Scott Lindsay

Mayor: Victoria Woodards
Council District 2: Robert Thoms
Council District 6: Meredith Neal
Council District 4: Kevin Grossman
Council District 5: Brian Arnold

Council District 2:  Andy Dunau
Council District 3: Matthew Howes


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