Ethnic Business Coalition Receives Endowment from Washington Hospitality Association to Fund Growth

Ethnic Business Coalition Receives Endowment from Washington Hospitality Association to Fund Growth

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Contact: Stephanie McManus,
Communications Advocacy Manager, 360-956-7279

SEATTLE, May 2, 2017 – Yesterday, the Ethnic Business Coalition received a $25,000 endowment from the Washington Hospitality Association to cultivate new programs at the Seattle Foundations 2017 GiveBIG event. These funds will allow the coalition to develop and create ambassadors for ethnic hospitality businesses.

“The Ethnic Business Coalition is grateful for this donation from the Washington Hospitality Association,” said Taylor Hoang, executive director of the Ethnic Business Coalition. “The Washington Hospitality Association has been a strong ally and partner of ours, and this generous donation allows us to grow our program and continue our work of supporting people of color and immigrant-owned businesses. Washington Hospitality Association is the leading voice and advocate for the hospitality industry and we are grateful to have them as a partner. We look forward to working with them to build a strong hospitality industry.”

According to the coalition, many ethnic hospitality businesses could be considered micro-businesses.

In Washington state, 84 percent of all restaurants have fewer than 20 employees and ethnic hospitality businesses have fewer than 10.

Restaurants work within tiny profit margins (4 percent) and the average profit before taxes is less than $31,000 annually. Micro-businesses make even less and need extra support to survive regulations, changes and economic shifts that are part of the business landscape in Seattle. Additionally, these businesses have language barriers, cultural differences and a lack of access to key resources.

The donation from the Washington Hospitality Association builds a relationship with immigrant-owned businesses and coalition members so they can make use of hospitality association membership benefits.

In Washington, 23.4 percent of the workforce was born outside of the U.S. Immigrants are the foundation of the hospitality industry. All employees, whether they immigrated to the U.S. yesterday or generations ago, are critical to the success of the hospitality industry and Washington communities.

“We support the work of the Ethnic Business Coalition as it empowers and amplifies the voices of ethnic and immigrant business owners, who in turn vitalize our communities and enrich Washington culture,” said Anthony Anton, president and CEO of the Washington Hospitality Association.



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