By Chad Pearson, 

Change ‘Help Wanted’ to ‘Help Found’

Good managers and supervisors are important to your success, and finding replacements isn’t always easy.

Try using to fill your leadership positions! Hundreds of hospitality industry supervisor and manager candidates are available right now – just waiting for you. These candidates uploaded their resumes in the last three months and are looking for new opportunities.

Plus, with an employer account, you can easily search both and to fill your open positions. With just one-click of a button, you hop from one database of resumes to the other. Then, use sense technology to find your next ideal manager., its partners and the Washington Hospitality Industry have collaborated to supply your business’ leadership pipeline. You probably didn’t know that so many people are looking out for your success!

In the last year we:

  • Created com to help educate the future workforce about the great reasons to join the industry.
  • Held hospitality employer summits to educate leaders and provide tools to take your business to the next level.
  • Hosted hospitality hiring events and job fairs in many WorkSource locations across the state.
  • Continue to offer you a free place to post job openings and search for candidates on

Watch for more ways the industry, regional Workforce Development Councils and the Washington State Employment Security Department work together to help you find the right people at the right time to fill your open positions.

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