Controversial Maryland Fast Food Ban

The Washington Restaurant Association along with key stake holders have been working to develop a program that would allow restaurant chefs, cooks and owners to easily develop healthful menu items.

There have been many programs throughout Washington that support healthful consumer habits (e.g. exercise, eating out, etc.) and partnered with restaurants who were happy to get involved.

Sadly, when restaurants identify something as “healthful” there is a HUGE consumer misconception that it does not taste good. This is documented in several studies as an issue. Ironically, some restaurants have taken the “healthy” identification off of their menu items because it impacted sales negatively. That is just one issue though.

There is no one solution that will rectify the issue of overweight Americans. Calorie disclosure by itself has its faults. One might assume that a diet soda is more healthful than a glass of vitamin D fortified skim milk if calories alone are examined.

Also, activity level should certainly be taken into account.

All components of health are key and will only work with an educated decision. This is culture shift for America.

Take a look at this video post on the Maryland ban of quick service restaurants.