Center Plate: Cover charges? We need your input!

Center Plate: Cover charges? We need your input!

The Department of Revenue is working with the Washington Restaurant Association to develop an industry guide to clarify when a cover charge is subject to retail sales tax, and when it is not. If your business charges a cover, we’d like to hear from you. If your business has recently been through a Department of Revenue audit, or is currently going through an audit please let us know. Contact: Julia Clark at

 Summertime means teen workers… are you compliant?

If you’re adding teens to your payroll this summer, be sure to review the important federal and state teen labor laws, which limit hours and responsibilities for employees age 14 and 15. It also restricts workers under age 18 from performing certain duties. You can find an overview of state teen labor laws here and the national guidelines here.

Save taxes on spirit purchases from retailers

On June 1, spirits retailers were permitted to begin selling spirits to the general public and to on-premise licensees. There are a few things you need to know when purchasing from a retailer– for instance, did you know restaurants can receive preferential tax treatment for spirit sales? Read on to learn more.

NRA pushes for support of legislation for cut health care costs

The National Restaurant Association is asking the U.S. House of Representatives to support legislation aimed at reducing health care costs and providing more flexibility for employers and employees. In a letter directed to all House members in advance of an expected June 7 House vote, the NRA calls on Congress to repeal a new tax on medical devices contained in the 2010 health care law. “This tax will likely be passed along to restaurateurs in the form of higher health insurance premiums, further exacerbating the problem in increasing health care coverage costs,” the NRA says in its letter to Congress. Read on.

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