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Tips for management success: How to get your team on board

What’s up for your operation this year? A new POS system? New features? Better organization? Streamlined service checkpoints? Whatever you’ve determined needs a change this year, congratulations! As we all know, change is more than inevitable, it’s critical.

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Customer feedback: Why you need it and how to get it

Customers complain more than they praise. Everyone in this business knows that. But is there more to complain about? Or are customers only motivated to speak up when they’re annoyed?

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Voluntary employment separation guidelines

An employee quits … And now you get an unemployment claim. What’s going on? The Unemployment Program was established during the Great Depression to provide short-term assistance to individuals that

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Interview rules for you and your managers

Strategically planning your interview techniques is essential for building the strongest team possible.

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Cash in on restaurant equipment rebates

The Environmental Protection Agency recently updated its online guides to help restaurants find cash rebates for energy-saving kitchen equipment.

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New IRS social media tools and web links

Tax season is in full swing, and restaurants can benefit from some of the small business web pagesand the new social media tools the IRS offers to help companies keep up with all the latest information.

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The 3 biggest mistakes restaurant owners make

Your business can be a deadly liability, costing you more money than you have right now, unless you take the proper steps to prevent it. These three mistakes might be the most important financial advice you’ve ever read.

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IRS announces major changes to lien process to aid struggling taxpayers

In its latest effort to help struggling taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service today announced a series of new steps to help businesses get a fresh start with their tax liabilities.

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IRS: Employers have until Jan. 31 to adjust withholding

Businesses this month began following a new withholding schedule for employees’ wages that reflects a 2011 cut in federal payroll taxes.

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Restaurant industry praises fee cap on debit cards

Last week, the Federal Reserve proposed a rule to limit how much banks can charge for debit card transactions. The potential cap would set the maximum interchange fee at 12 cents per transaction, while Fed staffers revealed that consumers pay an average of 44 cents every time they use their debit cards.

Operations & Cost Control

How to work effectively with local regulatory officials

Two seemingly universal characteristics among independent restaurant operators are the desire for independence and the need to think and make decisions for themselves. Otherwise, you would still be working for

Operations & Cost Control

10 common practices of highly successful independent restaurants

While working with literally hundreds of independent restaurants over the past 25-plus years, one of the most profound things I’ve learned is that there are very few absolutes in this

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Nine phrases to ban from restaurant menus

Restaurants, let’s not forget, are in the business of selling you food (emphasis on the word “selling.”) All too often, restaurateurs rely on tired menu cliches that they believe make

Operations & Cost Control

How does your restaurant measure up?

Successful restaurant operations are usually made up of a delicate balance of financial, staffing and operations. There are indicators in each of these areas to measure the results of your

Operations & Cost Control

Arson—now what do I do?

With the spate of arson fires occurring across our state recently, it seems appropriate to discuss the consequences of a fire at your own or a neighboring establishment in regard