Can you comply with menu labeling rules?

Can you comply with menu labeling rules?

As the industry prepares to comply with new menu-labeling requirements, the National Restaurant Association has expanded its partnership with nutrition specialist Healthy Dining to better provide restaurants with access to food and menu analysis and implementation of best practices.

“As restaurants with 20 or more locations begin navigating the Food and Drug Administration’s menu- labeling standard, we are looking forward to working with Healthy Dining to provide expert nutrition analysis and guide restaurateurs through the compliance process,” said Joan McGlockton, the NRA’s vice president of industry affairs and food policy. “Our partnership with Healthy Dining will not only give members the knowledge needed to comply with the legislation, but also the ability to serve their customers well every day.”

With the FDA’s menu-labeling rules finalized, Healthy Dining’s registered dietitians are now able to advise restaurants with accurate nutrient analysis so operators can accurately present calories on the menu as well as additional information upon request, the company’s president, Anita Jones-Mueller said.

“Like never before, nutrition is on the minds of consumers,” she noted. “It is our passion to partner with restaurants and help them prosper in this nutrition-focused era.”

Healthy Dining and the NRA already have collaborated on, which highlights more than 4,000 dietitian-recommended menu choices for healthful and nutritious options at participating restaurants nationwide. The company also partnered with the NRA to help create the Association’s Kids LiveWell program, promoting healthful kids’ meals and menu options that feature lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and unsaturated fats.

“Our expanded partnership with Healthy Dining solidifies our commitment to collaborating and contributing to a healthier America,” McGlockton said. “With their help, we’re now able to provide the public with an online, growing resource that empowers U.S. consumers to make informed choices when dining out,” McGlockton said.

NRA and WRA members are entitled to a 20-percent discount on Healthy Dining’s nutrition services and/or to join the Kids LiveWell program.

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