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Weekly Update: Unemployment tax rate drops, workers’ comp rates hold steady

Some good news emerged today from the Washington State Employment Security Department. Because of Gov. Chris Gregoire’s unemployment tax and workers’ compensation reform bills passed last legislative session, next year’s unemployment tax rates will drop, and workers’ compensation rates will remain flat into 2012.


Unemployment tax rate drops, workers’ comp rate remains flat

The state Department of Employment Security announced today that 88 percent of Washington’s businesses will pay a lower unemployment tax rate in 2012 than they pay currently, saving an estimated

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Apply now for the NRA’s Restaurant Neighbor Award

Is your restaurant doing good work in your community and beyond? If so, you could be recognized by the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Neighbor or Faces of Diversity award programs. The restaurant industry is one of the most diverse charitable industries in the United States. Roughly nine of every 10 restaurants participate in charitable giving projects.

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Center Plate Weekly Update: 1183 gains steam; Don’t forget to vote!

State and local media have been reporting on two major polls, both indicating strong support for Initiative 1183 during the vital final stretch of the election.

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Don’t be bullied on I-1183 issue

Those opposed to I-1183 have blanketed the airwaves since September with advertising that hypes up an imagined fear factor and is predicated on baseless claims. KOMO News radio show host Ken Schram explains why he won’t be strong-armed by the hysteria and why I-1183 is the right choice for Washington state.

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WRA responds to passage of Seattle’s paid sick leave measure

“Businesses throughout the city tried to work with the proponents and councilmembers to draft language we could make workable in restaurants. Unfortunately, much of what we put on the table was rejected,” McDonald said.

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WRA applauds Starbucks’ Cup Summit

Starbucks held its third Cup Summit, where more than 100 industry leaders and competitors gathered to discuss cross-industry standards and solutions for food packaging and serveware recycling in the U.S. and Canada. Seattle-based Starbucks is aiming to use all recyclable cups in its stores by 2015.

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Washington Restaurant Association applauds Starbucks’ sustainability efforts

The Washington Restaurant Association today recognized Starbucks Coffee Company’s ongoing efforts to run environmentally responsible operations.

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A locally-grown take on “restaurant weeks”

A new type of food festival is helping restaurants break into local sourcing, usually with an immediate payback in sales.

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Celebrate the industry’s finest

Toasting the Finest is the WRA’s way of honoring the state restaurant industry’s best and brightest. The evening’s events are designed specifically to celebrate the accomplishment’s of the WRA’s most top foodservice professionals. Award winners will be selected based on their community involvement, participation in the WRA’s organizational endeavors and their innovation as business leaders.

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Come in, we’re mobile

Mobile. Ready or not, here it comes – or rather, here it is. The smartphone revolution didn’t take long to captivate our attention. It’s more than a fad and

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Health care law’s auto-enrollment provision will cause problems

One of the industry’s major concerns — the “auto-enrollment” provision — will require employers of 200 or more to automatically enroll new employees in a business’s health benefits plan starting in 2014.

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75 million Americans expected to dine out this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day remains the most popular holiday on which to dine out, as the National Restaurant Association projects that 75 million American adults will do so this May 8.


Buyer’s Guide listing updates

We are happy to announce that we are publishing our annual Buyer’s Guide June 2011. In order to ensure you are included in the Buyer’s Guide you must choose your category listings by April 18, 2011.

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Healthcare reform requirement ruled ‘unconstitutional’

Last week, a Florida judge ruled it unconstitutional that all Americans be required to buy health insurance, as the new health care reform law mandates. The ruling came in response to a joint suit filed by 26