Amazon’s $1MM Challenge Match: Donate & Dine to Transform

Amazon’s $1MM Challenge Match: Donate & Dine to Transform

Amazon’s $1MM Challenge Match: Donate & Dine to Transform Lives Amazon is matching all donations and restaurant revenue up to $1 million for 25 days in recognition of FareStart’s 25th anniversary. Through August 11, you can double your impact to FareStart and provide real solutions to homelessness, poverty and hunger. Donate and dine today!

Since its inception, FareStart has been a pioneer in reducing hunger, poverty and homelessness in our community. As we embark on our 25th anniversary, we are launching an innovative paid Foodservice Apprenticeship Program to help low-income foodservice workers develop advanced skills needed to earn a living wage. The endeavor will coincide with the opening of five new eateries in Seattle, which will serve as the training ground for the new program.

This new program would not be possible without the generous support of Amazon, which has been a longtime supporter of FareStart. They are donating 25,000 square feet of space for the new eateries, a catering space and a training classroom.

These investments will enable FareStart to nearly double its reach over the next 10 years serving 7,000 people across all of our training programs raising more people out of homelessness and poverty and into long-term financial stability (5,500 through our existing programs and 1,500 through our new program).

The new apprenticeship program is focused on helping low-income foodservice workers gain employment in higher wage positions such as line cooks, line leads, sous chefs, servers, supervisors and managers. We anticipate enrolling 75-125 apprentices each year. (Note: In 2017, we plan to enroll about 25 apprentices as we gradually ramp up the program.)

Apprentices may be past FareStart adult and youth program graduates who want to enhance their skills or local foodservice workers who need an opportunity to gain additional skills to qualify for higher wage positions. Qualifications include: Low income; at least 18 years of age; six months foodservice work experience; historical barriers to employment advancement; and stably housed.

Apprentices will receive a stipend and “hands on” experience at our SLU eateries as they advance their skills, both hard and soft, and focus on what they need to take their careers and lives to the next level. They can select from three apprenticeship tracks: Culinary, Service and Management. Apprenticeships will be 10 to 24 weeks depending on employment goals. The curriculum is being developed in collaboration with our Employer Advisory Council, which is made up of local foodservice employers.

As apprentices near completion of the program, FareStart will work with them to find a job suited to their new skill level and provide support for two years.

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