Aloha Benefits (Online Ordering)

Aloha Benefits (Online Ordering)

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What are the benefits of having an online ordering system?

Online platforms are a great asset for any restaurant owner to have, and the reasons are simple.

  • Customers can order on the go, allowing them to pick up and enjoy their food faster.
  • Because ordering online is more convenient for your customers and  it helps to increase the number of customers you can service.
  • It allows customers to customize orders without the fear of the servers getting them wrong.

Should I get an integrated take out system for my website or should I enter my menu into a third-party service?

While there are pro’s and con’s to both, some have found that it truly is best to integrate the system directly into your website. With applications that flow directly into your POS system and offer customized options, integrating a menu and ordering system into your site gives you more control than a third-party site.

Best of all, you are in control of any and all advertising that occurs through the system. With several third-party sites, you could easily have advertisements for other companies, or even competitors, that appear right on the ordering screens. Why pay a third-party to advertise someone else’s menu when you are trying to get customers to order from you?

Can this system look like how I want it?

When vetting online menu and ordering systems, it is important that the user interface looks and feels the way you want. Make sure that you get a platform that allows for customization both on the design side and the functionality side.

Here are some generic features for consideration:

  • It needs to blend in into your website design.
  • It needs to be responsive so it works well on smart phones.
  • Some system has the option to get a smartphone app as well, but usually for an extra charge.It is an important decision, especially if have more than one location, this feature might make sense for you.
  • Promotional options and possibilities.
  • Of course, different systems will come with a different price tag. In some cases, they charge a fixed amount for the usage of the ordering system, and in some other cases, your fee is a percentage based on the amount of traffic you have.

How do the orders come in when placed online?

This is important. The last thing you want to do is to have to fill another full-time position just to process orders.

Working with online ordering systems that integrate directly into your restaurant’s POS is recommended. What does it mean? It means that you get a “virtual waitress” who enters the orders for the kitchen just like if it came from the front of the house.

You will not have to monitor your emails to get these orders. You will not have to answer extra phone calls. You will not get text messages to your private phone about these orders. It is set up to work and blend in with your existing ordering chain and workflow.

Do I have to buy a new POS device or any special hardware for the online ordering system?

If you don’t want to break the bank with your new integrated menu and ordering system, this is an important question.

If you have a standard POS that has Internet connection capabilities, then most likely there are online ordering systems available for you to choose from. Also, it will work with your existing printers and other equipment.

Our staff has to run the customers’ card when they come to pick up their orders?

There is no need to do that. By the time you see an order, it is already paid by the customer.

The real good news is that there will be no extra burden on your side. No time-consuming training is necessary for your staff. The online food ordering works as a virtual staff member entering the orders into your POS system. The takeout system will blend into the existing workflow of your restaurant.

Can I make updates to the ordering menu on-the-fly?

What happens if you are having a really busy night and you run out of that special dish everyone has been wanting?

Easy. Once you mark any item “out of stock” in your POS, it will be carried over to the online system at the same moment. There no need to log in to the online ordering system and do this manually.

Can we set up our coupons and promotions in the online ordering?

Accepting Coupons, running promotions, and processing gift cards are life blood to many restaurants. Ensure your capabilities of handling these and more changes when going through the selection process for your ordering system.

Every system you should work with can handle promotions. If it can’t don’t use it. Consultants can set up your in-house promotions for you, but also special ones, which are only available for the online orders.

For example, if you want to run a discount on appetizers between 3 and 7 PM on every first Wednesday of the month, then you can set up your system to run those specials automatically. There is no need to manually turn them on and off.

Can I set up multiple menus?

If you serve different menus during different times of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), this option would be essential for you right?

Most systems allow you to create special menus based on the day of the week or the time of the day.

You should be able to create a specific menu for online ordering. These menus can be scheduled to appear automatically on the right day at the right time.

Takeout orders will become an additional income source, without adding an extra burden to your staffs workload

Start Taking Orders

Now that you know the questions you need to ask when choosing your online menu and ordering system, you can start the selection process.

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