Action alert! Contact the Tacoma Mayor & City Council today – Proposed paid leave ordinance

Action alert! Contact the Tacoma Mayor & City Council today – Proposed paid leave ordinance

Tacoma WRA members:


In December, Mayor Marilyn Strickland introduced a Paid Sick and Safe Time Ordinance to the Tacoma City Council. For the past 30 days, Mayor Strickland and the City Council have listened to feedback and discussed potential amendments to the proposed ordinance. A final public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 27, 5 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at the Tacoma Municipal Building (747 Market St.). At this meeting, the Council will hear public testimony and potentially approve the proposed ordinance, making it law in Tacoma. Please consider attending this hearing and publicly testifying.

The Washington Restaurant Association (WRA) has been working closely with the Tacoma/Pierce County Chamber of Commerce to make sure the voices of the business community and our WRA members are being heard during this process. Although the proposed ordinance isn’t ideal, please note that it does not contain many of the unfavorable features of Seattle’s ordinance and provides much more flexibility for business owners.


We recognize and understand there is growing pressure for the Tacoma City Council to adopt a paid sick leave ordinance in the City. However, we want to ensure the City Council recognizes the effects any amendments or changes to the ordinance would have on local restaurants. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to personalize the talking points below and reach out to the Tacoma Council and Mayor today in order to ensure your voice is heard! Click here to personalize and send an email. Phone numbers can be found on the Tacoma City Council website.

Talking points on the proposed Paid Sick Leave Ordinance for Tacoma:

  • I am _____, the owner (or other title) of (business name). (Include information about your business)
  • How long in business in Tacoma; number of locations
  • How many people you employ – and your commitment to your employees
  • The challenges you face in your business today
  • We understand there is growing pressure to adopt a paid sick leave ordinance in Tacoma, and want to express our appreciation for the overall approach taken by the City Council to develop an ordinance that can work for business and workers. You are recognizing that Tacoma is not Seattle and our economy is much more fragile. Thank you.
  • However, please understand that imposing these new requirements will be costly, and come at a time when we are still recovering from the terrible downturn of recent years. Frankly we would prefer no new requirements.
  • If you opt to move forward, please consider the following:
    • Do not add more time/days to the current draft ordinance. We know there are many advocating for more time, but Tacoma’s economy is not Seattle’s economy. Please don’t burden us with even more requirements that will be difficult to absorb.
    • We are grateful that the Council recognizes the common practice of shift swapping in food and beverage businesses. Please maintain that tool if you proceed forward.
    • Finally, this ordinance first came forward in early December with amendments on December 16th.  While we hear there are proposals for all kinds of amendments making it harder for businesses, we ask that any amendments are limited to technical clarifying language rather than rewriting the rules at the 11th hour.  If you do move forward on amendments, please make sure they help small Tacoma businesses like mine.
  • Thank you for considering these comments

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or Morgan Hickel at

Thank you,

Samantha Louderback

Local Government Affairs Coordinator, Tacoma/Pierce County

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