Election season is upon us once again, which means the Washington Hospitality Association State Government Affairs team met with more than a hundred incumbents and challengers across the state on both sides of the aisle. The Government Affairs team made recommendations to the association’s Government Affairs Committee. After multiple meetings and discussions, the Government Affairs Committee voted to endorse the statewide and legislative candidates below.

As an organization committed to helping hospitality association members secure industry wins, the endorsed candidates who will best represent their district, are friendly to business and the hospitality industry and who will help maintain balance in the state Legislature.

And don’t forget, Election Day is Nov. 8. Ballots will be mailed out starting Oct. 21. You can register to vote online as late as Oct. 31. You may also register and vote in person at a county voting center through election day.

The 2022 Washington Hospitality Association endorsed candidates are:

Lt. Gov. Denny HeckLieutenant GovernorStatewide
Secretary Steve HobbsSecretary of StateStatewide
Commissioner Hilary FranzLands CommissionerStatewide
Rep. Shelley KlobaHouse of Representatives1
Rep. Andrew BarkisHouse of Representatives2
Rep. J.T. WilcoxHouse of Representatives2
Rep. Timm OrmsbyHouse of Representatives3
Rep. Marcus RiccelliHouse of Representatives3
Suzanne SchmidtHouse of Representatives4
Chad MagendanzHouse of Representatives5
Sen. Jeff HolySenate6
Rep. Mike VolzHouse of Representatives6
Rep. Jenny GrahamHouse of Representatives6
Sen. Shelly ShortSenate7
Rep. Jacquelin MaycumberHouse of Representatives7
Rep. Joel KretzHouse of Representatives7
Stephanie BarnardHouse of Representatives8
April ConnorsHouse of Representatives8
Rep. Matt BoehnkeSenate8
Rep. Mary DyeHouse of Representatives9
Rep. Joe SchmickHouse of Representatives9
Karen LesetmoeHouse of Representatives10
Rep. Greg GildayHouse of Representatives10
Rep. David HackneyHouse of Representatives11
Rep. Steve BergquistHouse of Representatives11
Rep. Keith GoehnerHouse of Representatives12
Rep. Mike SteeleHouse of Representatives12
Rep. Tom DentHouse of Representatives13
Rep. Alex YbarraHouse of Representatives13
Sen. Judy WarnickSenate13
Rep. Chris CorryHouse of Representatives14
Rep. Gina MosbruckerHouse of Representatives14
Bryan SandlinHouse of Representatives15
Nikki TorresSenate15
Rep. Bruce ChandlerHouse of Representatives15
Rep. Mark KlickerHouse of Representatives16
Rep. Skyler RudeHouse of Representatives16
Kevin WatersHouse of Representatives17
Stephanie McClintockHouse of Representatives18
Greg CheneyHouse of Representatives18
Rep. Joel McEntireHouse of Representatives19
Rep. Paul HarrisHouse of Representatives19
Rep. Peter AbbarnoHouse of Representatives20
Rep. Ed OrcuttHouse of Representatives20
Sen. Marko LiiasSenate21
Rep. Strom PetersonHouse of Representatives21
Rep. Jessica BatemanHouse of Representatives22
Rep. Mike ChapmanHouse of Representatives24
Rep. Steve TharingerHouse of Representatives24
Rep. Kelly ChambersHouse of Representatives25
Rep. Cyndy JacobsenHouse of Representatives25
Spencer HutchinsHouse of Representatives26
Rep. Michelle CaldierHouse of Representatives26
Sen. Yasmin TrudeauSenate27
Rep. Jake FeyHouse of Representatives27
Rep. Laurie JinkinsHouse of Representatives27
Susanna KeilmanHouse of Representatives28
Sen. Steve ConwaySenate29
Kristine ReevesHouse of Representatives30
Casey JonesHouse of Representatives30
Sen. Phil FortunatoSenate31
Rep. Drew StokesbaryHouse of Representatives31
Sen. Jesse SalomonSenate32
Rep. Cindy RyuHouse of Representatives32
Rep. Tina OrwallHouse of Representatives33
Sen. Karen KeiserSenate33
Sen. Joe NguyenSenate34
Rep. Joe FitzgibbonHouse of Representatives34
Rep. Dan GriffeyHouse of Representatives35
Travis CoutureHouse of Representatives35
Rep. Drew MacEwenSenate35
Rep. Noel FrameSenate36
Rep. Liz BerryHouse of Representatives36
Julia ReedHouse of Representatives36
Chipalo StreetHouse of Representatives37
Julio CortesHouse of Representatives38
Mark JamesHouse of Representatives38
Sen. June RobinsonSenate38
Sam LowHouse of Representatives39
Rep. Carolyn EslickHouse of Representatives39
Rep. Alicia RuleHouse of Representatives42
Sen. Simon SefzikSenate42
Dan JohnsonHouse of Representatives42
Sen. Jamie PedersenSenate43
Mark HarmsworthHouse of Representatives44
Sen. John LovickSenate44
Rep. April BergHouse of Representatives44
Sen. Manka DhingraSenate45
Rep. Roger GoodmanHouse of Representatives45
Rep. Larry SpringerHouse of Representatives45
Bill BoyceSenate47
Kyle LyebyedyevHouse of Representatives47
Chris StearnsHouse of Representatives47
Sen. Patty KudererSenate48
Rep. Amy WalenHouse of Representatives48
Rep. Sharon WylieHouse of Representatives49
Rep. Monica StonierHouse of Representatives49