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A night in a hotel is, by definition, single-use. After each guest’s stay, the sheets are cleaned, the minibar restocked, a new keycard issued—with each individual amenity leaving its own impact on the environment. (Quartzy)

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Better-for-you beverages sneak up on soda

Sugary sodas are getting kicked to the curb as restaurants opt for alternative beverages infused with flavorful, better-for-you ingredients. No longer relegated to smoothie joints or health-focused concepts, these on-trend beverages with benefits (think natural syrup seltzers, spice tonics and vegetable coolers) are showing up — and selling well — at all types of eateries. (Restaurant Hospitality)

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How Christina Lecki Takes Sustainability in the Kitchen to the Next Level

The chef at Brooklyn’s Reynard doesn’t stop at food scraps. Using a 24-hour cooking schedule and encouraging her purveyors to use reusable packaging, she’s pushing the envelope and showing that chefs can be powerful ambassadors. (Food & Wine)

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How to Cook Smarter by Cooking Smaller

Some chefs love their tiny kitchens, and not merely for masochistic reasons. Here’s how a smaller space can make for better cooking. (Wall Street Journal)

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Weekly Update: Tip Pooling – Supervisors, Managers, Owners are Not to Benefit

Tip Pooling – Supervisors, Managers, Owners are Not to Benefit Reminder: A congressional bill passed March 23 includes a provision that ensures workers will receive all of their tips. Supervisors,

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Seattle chefs source fresh food from rooftop gardens

Chef Taichi Kitamura uses a terrace garden on the rooftop of his Seattle restaurant Sushi Kappo Tamura to grow hard-to-find Japanese vegetables and herbs. French eatery Bastille uses items from its rooftop garden in about half of the items on its menu, and offers four-course rooftop garden dinners twice a week in the summer months. (Seattle Weekly)

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Biodegradable pizza box promises restaurateurs cost savings

Among the plethora of challenges pizza brands face, these five are surely near the top of the list: Escalating labor costs, Squeaky tight job market, Soaring real estates prices, Delivery product quality and temperature, Waste and sustainability reduction. The creators of PizzaRound, however, claim that their biodegradable pizza delivery container addresses all those challenges in a single item that pizza restaurateurs use daily. (Pizza Marketplace)

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In-N-Out Burger named top QSR brand, convenience store wins favorite sandwich category

In-N-Out is customers’ favorite QSR brand and burger chain, while convenience store, Wawa, serves the best fast food sandwiches, according to a large consumer study by Market Force. It surveyed 11,500 consumers, who ranked their favorite brands in the following categories: Burger: In-N-Out, Sandwich: Wawa, Mexican: Chipotle, Pizza: Pizza Ranch, Chicken: Chick-fil-A. (QSRweb)

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New Everett hotel will double waterfront rooms in the county

EVERETT — Glistening water, passing ships and inquisitive seals could delight visitors willing to pay at least $150 for an overnight stay. Hotel Indigo will offer 142 rooms at the city’s waterfront by summer or fall 2019. A celebration of Everett’s next large lodging is planned at 10 a.m. Thursday. (The Herald)

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Breakfast growth spurs menu innovation

US restaurants saw breakfast and morning snack traffic rise 1% in the 12-month period ending Feb. 18, while traffic was flat or down the rest of the day, according to NPD Group. Eateries are innovating to win breakfast fans, with new options including craft pancakes at Denny’s, King’s Hawaiian French Toast at IHOP and Breakfast Green Bowls at Rouge Tomate Cafe in New York City. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Alexa for Business can now make phone calls in hotel rooms

Volara, the creator of a hotel concierge service powered by AWS’ Alexa for Business, today announced it has extended calling capabilities to hotel guests. Though Alexa for Business could already initiate video conference calls, more traditional phone calls were not available before today, Volara cofounder and CEO Dave Berger told VentureBeat in an email. (VentureBeat)

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Grubhub partners with Venmo on bill-splitting feature

Grubhub is upping the ante when it comes to cashless payment options for time-pressed diners, especially Millennials. The online and mobile ordering platform used by thousands of restaurants has partnered with Venmo, a peer-to-peer payment app favored by younger diners. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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With spicy flavors continuing to grow on menus, operators have plenty of opportunity to expand these ingredients on menus. While Sriracha has dominated the spicy arena for the past few years, consumers are now demanding more diverse global flavors, and operators are turning toward less common, more adventurous cuisines such as Spanish, Caribbean, Filipino, Cuban and more. (Restaurant Business)

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Food waste programmes could be a sound investment for hotels

For every US$1 hotels invested in programmes to reduce kitchen food waste, they saved an average of $7 according to a new report. The research, The Business Case for Reducing Food Loss and Waste: Hotels, was conducted on behalf of international waste campaign group Champions 12.3 and is the first of its kind for the industry. (New Food)

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Cooks in need of a helper look to retailers, manufacturers

Many consumers still see cooking both as a valuable skill and as something they generally enjoy — no matter how much they might be spending at restaurants. Most consumers still believe in and aspire to an ideal — a healthy meal, made from scratch, enjoyed with others — that stands in contrast to the reality of most of the meals. (SmartBrief)