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Employee Apparel

Employers are not required to compensate their employees for apparel that an employer requires them to wear during working hours UNLESS the required apparel is a uniform.   A uniform


Meals and Breaks

Definitions The normal working day is considered to be eight hours of work. Meal periods must be a minimum of 30 minutes. Meal periods are not considered to be part


Payroll Deductions

During an ongoing employment relationship (i.e., employee is still employed with the employer on payday), the following deductions are allowed, and may reduce the employee’s wage below the minimum wage


Terminating an Employee

Employers must take a great deal of care when terminating an employee. This summary outlines some of the legal claims that can result from terminations and some suggestions to follow


Prohibited Duties for Minors

Alcohol Occupations involving the sale, handling or serving of any liquor, either on a paid or voluntary basis.   Deep Fryers Minors may use fryers for cooking purposes. Although L&I


Preventing Teen Injuries

Employment data show the hospitality and retail industries, including restaurants, employ 50 percent of teenagers, which contributes to the high incidence of injury to teens. In 2000, the Washington State


“Show Up” Pay

An employer is not required by law to give advance notice to change an employee’s shift or to shorten it or lengthen it, thus there is no legal requirement for

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More Favorable Laws

When is federal law applied over state law? If there are differences between federal and state laws or rules governing wages, hours and working conditions, the standard more favorable or


Using Teen Labor

The following is a checklist of what to have on file and regulations to follow when employing teen workers. There are three things an employer must have to employ youth


Cover Charges

Does sales tax apply to cover charges? A cover charge is generally a fee that is collected from guests to allow guests entry to a specific event or activity. The



It’s All in the Hands… Foodborne illnesses from ill food workers are spread by the hands. Many of the employee hygiene requirements in the food rule are designed to prevent

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Weekly Update: Washington Hospitality Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season!

Washington Hospitality Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season! Happy holidays from the Washington Hospitality Association! We hope you will be enjoying them with the people you hold dear in your

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I-1433 FAQ

I-1433: PAID SICK LEAVE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS These frequently asked questions are a starting point to help answer some of your basic questions. If you have any additional, more in-depth

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A couple of months ago, I was sitting in a dive bar on a Tuesday evening in Palm Springs, CA, watching the most un-self consciously tacky karaoke night I’ve ever witnessed. The mixture of solo patrons nursing drinks at the bar and amateur crooners who clearly knew their way around the fat binder full of songs made me feel like I’d stumbled upon a delightfully eccentric and quintessentially Palm Springs weeknight. (Quartzy)