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Paid Family and Medical Leave in Washington State

After many months of thoughtful, strategic planning by Democrats, Republicans, businesses and labor, Washington has a balanced, bipartisan law to create statewide paid family and medical leave. The bill was


Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave Program

What are the types of leave included in the program? Family Leave: (1) Provide care for a family member with a serious health condition; (2) Bond with a child after

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Millennials want a hotel room that looks good on Instagram, rather than a cheap one, says HotelTonight CEO

Millennials would rather take the luxury room at a deeper discount than take the cheapest room, according to mobile travel app HotelTonight. The generation, which is now the biggest group of business travelers, is also more likely to turn a work trip into vacation. (CNBC)

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Starbucks warns of sales slowdown

Starbucks Corp.’s U.S. same-store sales increased 5 percent in the company’s fiscal third quarter ended July 2, as customers bought more lunch and spent more on the chain’s beverages. But those sales slowed through the quarter and into July, prompting worries among analysts and investors that the chain is either overbuilt or that competitors like McDonald’s Corp. are taking its business. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Will automation supplant the restaurant worker?

Nancy Kruse on the rise of robots: When it comes to research, I’m stubbornly low tech. I’m embarrassed to admit, Bret, that I keep old-fashioned subject files full of clippings on hot topics, a practice that I returned to after an early, unsuccessful attempt to go paperless. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Starbucks steps up focus on digital partnerships amid store closures

Starbucks is looking to expand its online relationship with consumers by forming closer partnerships with digital giants, as it predicts more store closures. The company released its third quarter results yesterday (27 July). (Marketing Week)

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HotelFlex lets you check in and out of a hotel at whatever time you want

Most would agree that the worst part of traveling is timing the hotel check in. Either you get off a redeye and have to figure out what to do all day while waiting to check in, or you arrive late at night and waste money paying for a room you didn’t get to use all day. (TechCrunch)

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Chipotle is finally adding a drive-thru

Chipotle is planning to test something that customers have been seeking for years: a drive-thru window. Executives announced during a call with investors Tuesday that the burrito chain would test a drive-thru window at a location in Ohio this fall. (Business Insider)

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Former lieutenant colonel takes childhood dreams and turns them into Jimmy John’s franchises

Barbara Richardson identifies as a “rule follower” but not in the traditional sense. She is organized, diligent and able to take direction. In college, she joined the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps intending to serve in the U.S. Air Force for four years upon graduation. (Spokesman-Review)

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Seattle businesses throw $120K at Jenny Durkan for mayoral bid

If you see ads in print or online for Jenny Durkan, they may have been paid for by her own campaign — she’s the top fundraiser in the race to be Seattle’s next mayor. Or the ads may be sponsored by an independent campaign, “People for Jenny Durkan,” with money from Seattle businesses. (KUOW)

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Washington’s paid family and medical leave legislation: A win for employees and businesses alike.

The 2017  legislative session delivered a huge win for the hospitality industry: the passage of Senate Bill 5975 which establishes a paid family and medical leave program at the state

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Weekly Update: Joint Employer Legislation & Tip Pooling Updates

House Introduces Joint Employer Legislation After months of working closely with key members of Congress, this morning the Save Local Business Act was introduced to correct the damaging impact that

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Eye on Hospitality: New Approaches to Tip Pooling

Tip pooling is back in the news. Last week the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) made headlines by indicating that it would rescind its controversial tip pooling restrictions at least as it applies in states like Washington where tips cannot be used to offset the federal minimum wage. 

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Once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse is a bonanza for hotels, airlines

Marriott International said the total number of rooms booked in 16 locations in the path of the eclipse is up 60 percent compared to last year in those same locations. At one of the Hilton hotels located in the path of totality that has not yet sold out, rates start at $425. For the previous week, the same room is available for $199. (CNBC)

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Labor officials go back to drawing board on overtime

The U.S. Department of Labor on Wednesday officially began the process of revising Obama-era rules on overtime eligibility, opening up a 60-day period for public comment. Last month, the DOL indicated it would back off regulations adopted in 2016 that doubled the pay threshold for qualifying for overtime exemption, raising it from $455 per week, or $23,660 per year, to $913 per week, or $47,476 annually. (Nation’s Restaurant News)