2016 Washington Lodging Convention Highlights

2016 Washington Lodging Convention Highlights


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The Future is Now: Working with and Selling to Millennials and Beyond
Kevin Paul Scott, author and co-founder of ADDO Worldwide
These days, business means more than just products and services, and lodging establishments must do more than sell room nights. Both your customers and your employees, particularly Millennials and their younger peers, increasingly want your business to stand for something.  No one knows this better than Kevin Paul Scott. He has spoken around the world and helps leaders up the meaning-quotient in their businesses so that employees and customers alike champion the business as if it were their own.


Inhospitable to Human Trafficking: Hotel Safety and Security Training
Mar Brettmann, PhD, executive director, Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking
Sandip Soli, attorney, Real Property Law Group, PLLC
Sex trafficking impacts all types of lodging properties from economy hotels in small towns to luxury hotels in the heart of downtown. The crime not only harms victims, but poses serious safety risks to hotel guests and employees, and can expose owners to legal and financial liabilities This session will teach owners and managers how to proactively prevent this crime and recognize it when it does occur. Owners and managers will also learn how to transfer this important information to their employees using BEST’s new online training platform. Session attendees will receive free training collateral for their employees, including trafficking indicator cards, posters and victim service cards.

What National Employment Law Trends Mean for Washington Hoteliers
Andria Lure Ryan, attorney and partner, Fisher Phillips
From the dramatic increase in the salary threshold for overtime exemptions to the expansion of the joint employer standard, the U.S. Department of Labor has been introducing far-reaching changes to federal labor and employment law, all with the potential to seriously impact your business. Andria Lure Ryan will help you stay on top of these critical changes. A nationally recognized employment law expert, she’ll review what trends in federal and state employment law mean for Washington hospitality employers and managers.

When Disaster Strikes: What Hoteliers Should Know and Do to Keep Guests and Employees Safe during a Man-made or Natural Disaster
Panel Facilitator: Jenn Houtby-Ferguson, Chief Strategist at Twist Consulting
In today’s changing world, managing risk is a key competency for the lodging industry. From natural disasters to terrorism, accommodation providers must understand their responsibilities and roles in preparing for and responding to a crisis. Do you have an effective emergency response plan? What questions should you ask when hosting an event at your property? Be prepared, not scared. This eye-opening panel discussion is a must for all hospitality professionals. With Kevin Miller, Davenport Hotel’s director of corporate security who has 28 years of leadership experience in the US Secret Service and CIA, and Frank Sebastian, who heads the emergency management for Seattle’s month-long Seafair festival.


The full program includes update on the political landscape for lodging by AH&LA’s vice president of state and local government affairs Troy Flanagan, the Owners & Management Forum moderated by attorney Irv Sandman, STR’s forecast for Washington’s lodging performance in 2017, and a look at social media and travel trends.

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