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McDonald’s stock up after same-store sales rise

McDonald’s Corp. stock rose 4 percent in early morning trading on Friday after the company reported that its U.S. same-store sales rose 1.3 percent in the quarter ended Sept. 30. The result beat investor expectations, and for now at least assuaged fears among many that the company was in for a bigger slowdown, as various restaurant same-store sales indexes had been particularly weak in recent months. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Washington Hospitality Association 2016 endorsements

Each year the Washington Hospitality Association Government Affairs Committee endorses candidates who support restaurants and hotels and who will work to keep a thriving business sector in our state. Below is our of current

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Starwood and Marriott Add Reciprocal Benefits to Credit Cards as Loyalty Programs Draw Closer

Marriott and Starwood now allow members who use a co-branded credit card to earn bonus points when booking on the other carrier’s hotels. It’s a small perk, but it should be added incentive to booking within the network before wandering off to a third-party carrier. (Skift)

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Are Convenience Stores a Threat to Restaurants?

Forget your grandfather. These aren’t even your father’s convenience stores. (QSR)

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Expand your recruitment efforts during National Disability Employment Month

A Muncie, Ind., Courtyard by Marriott relies on an untapped talent pool to staff its hotel and dining establishments, thanks to a partnership with an advocacy group for people with disabilities. The Arc of Indiana partnership requires a fifth of the hotel’s workforce to be people with disabilities. (National Restaurant Association)

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Learning How To Keep Staff At 40 Hours Per Week

New labor laws are expanding who must be paid extra for working more than 40 hours. Here’s how managers can keep workweeks under control. (Fast Company)

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Expedia lets hotels offer freebies as an alternative to rate cutting

It’s simplistic but true: The only way hotels have been able to quickly stand out from their rivals in online marketplaces like Expedia is by adjusting their rates up and down. Sure, other things matter, like brand and consumer ratings. (Tnooz)

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Red Robin focuses on mobile, digital with “Let’s Burger” campaign

Red Robin is turning to mobile and digital for a new ad campaign called “Let’s Burger,” which highlights the long-time tradition of eating burgers in America. “In what is a first for Red Robin, a series of fun Snapchat GeoFilters featuring burger masks and fry beards will be available at all Red Robin restaurants nationwide and branded social content will also run across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube,” said CMO Jonathan Muhtar. (Mobile Marketer)

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Report: Chipotle’s road to recovery

Chipotle’s trajectory and vision were shaken by an E. coli outbreak, and a new report chronicles the chain’s struggles and recovery, including a change in emphasis on local sourcing. Austin Carr explores the company’s current food-production process, culture and its co-CEOs, Steve Ells and Monty Moran. (Fast Company)

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California Restaurants Launch Nation’s First Transgender Jobs Program

The unemployment rate for transgender people is double that of the general population. Now, California has set up the nation’s first ever large-scale program to help transgender people find jobs. (KNBA)

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Expedia Begins Revealing Its Big Ambitions in Hotel Services

Expedia is seeking to gain even more influence in the hotel industry while the big chains are trying to limit online travel agencies’ clout through the hotels’ direct-booking campaigns. As Expedia’s recent Marriott Vacations and Red Lion deals, along with the needs of smaller hotels, show, there is substantial upside for Expedia. (Skift)

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What’s Next in Fast Casual Cuisines

Every year, there’s a new set of trends that take the restaurant industry by storm. 2016 has seen fresh and locally sourced ingredients, craft products and digital ordering methods all take center stage as a new group of millennial consumers starts to take on a larger portion of the industry’s business. And now that restaurant chains across the country are gearing up for another year, there are already a few key trends that are emerging as 2017’s must-have menu items. (1851 Franchise)

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As the competitive landscape of the restaurant industry gets more crowded, we are seeing more emerging concepts that have a narrower focus. There are comfort food concepts serving primarily an array of grilled cheeses and mac & cheese. (Foodable)

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Bridging Gaps to Eliminate Hunger and Waste

Feed Spokane partners with local restaurants and hotels to get food to those in need.

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Application of the FLSA’s Tip-Credit Requirements Remains Hotly Disputed

Over the past year, there has been an increased discussion of Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) requirements for tipped employees. The courts have focused on a number of issues related to tipped employees, including addressing who can participate in tip pools and whether certain deductions may be made from tips. While the FLSA requires employers to pay a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour in most cases, Section 203(m) of the FLSA provides that employers may take a “tip credit” and pay as little as $2.13 per hour to employees who customarily and regularly receive tips, so long as two criteria are satisfied: the employee’s wages and tips are at least equal to the minimum wage, and all tips “received” by a tipped employee are actually retained by the employee or added into a tip pool that aggregates the tips of a group of tipped employees. (National Law Review)