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High-Profile Chefs Make Hotels Their Meal Tickets

Hotel dining, once scorned as the refuge of wan continental breakfasts and limp salads, has become a lifeline for restaurants that would otherwise be priced out of New York City. In September, Wolfgang Puck plans to make his New York City debut at the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, a partnership that exempted him from the entire $10 million in design and construction of his restaurant. (Wall Street Journal)

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Cameron Mitchell beverage team adapts to changing tastes

Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, based in Columbus, Ohio, operates a dozen restaurants in that city, as well as 13 Ocean Prime steak-and-seafood locations across the country. Ryan Valentine, director of beverage and operating partner, and Andrea Hoover, beverage operations manager, recently discussed the evolution of the company’s cocktail, wine and beer programs, as well as the changing demands of its customers. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Data: The Happy Meal is vital to McDonald’s success

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day for McDonald’s Corp., but the Happy Meal is running a very close second. When the Oak Brook, Ill.-based burger giant recalled its Step-it step-counters from its kids meals earlier this month over concerns about skin irritation, it provided some insight into how important those meals really are. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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The Veggie Burger’s Ascent

It had been a culinary nobody, mushy and maligned. But when a chef as decorated as Daniel Humm turns his attention to perfecting a veggie burger, the signal is clear: That second-fiddle vegetarian staple has arrived. (New York Times)

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Are you ready for Gen Z?

Just when you’ve finally got your millennial customers figured out, a new generation—with new expectations and new tastes—starts showing up at your door. Meet Generation Z, the group of 23 million babies, kids and young adults born between 1996 and the present. (Restaurant Hospitality)

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Reward Hustle and Effort to Increase Sales

Popular shows like “Restaurant Impossible” regularly show how quickly a restaurant can be turned around with the proper focus and attention.

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How Smart Hotels Use Messaging to Connect With Guests

Hotels are finally beginning to implement messaging strategies that make it easier for their guests to get in touch with them via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and the like. But how are they doing that, and what’s next in messaging? (Skift)

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A Lesson Learned about Trying to Pass on the Cost of a Living Wage to Customers

Restaurants Unlimited CEO Jim Eschweiler has learned something about the viability of a “living wage” for his employees, and about the generosity of his customers: Each has limits. (Chief Executive)

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Where’s the beef? What you need to know about eco-friendly burgers

Beef sourcing and sustainability are two cutting-edge topics restaurants deal with more often these days. Two industry experts — McDonald’s Townsend Bailey and Elevation Burger’s Michael Burger — weighed in on the subject during a lively discussion with the National Restaurant Association’s Laura Abshire. (National Restaurant Association)

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App pairs hungry users, folks on a food run

George Mason University student Moustafa Baiou got the idea for BringMe after a six-hour study session led to a burrito craving but no time to head to Chipotle. The app pairs hungry users with people who are heading to specific restaurants and pays them to pick up the user’s order as well as their own. (Upstart Business Journal)

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Chick-fil-A tests whole grain bowls, protein smoothie

Chick-fil-A has begun testing several new items with greens and grains, including the Harvest Kale & Grain Bowl with quinoa and a smoothie made with whole grains and yogurt. The test follows the chain’s move to include the broccolini and kale Superfood Side on its menu in a bid to attract health-conscious consumers. (Eater)

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How hotels are saving the environment (and, OK, money too)

A colleague recently went on vacation and returned puzzling about whether she had been a good steward of the Earth during her hotel stay. She wanted to recycle, just as she does at home, but there were not separate bins for her cans and bottles. (Los Angeles Times)

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Companies tap into the taxi network for food delivery

Consumer demand for convenience and access to a wide variety of foods is driving innovations in the food delivery space, with restaurant brands rushing to offer their own delivery services or team with companies offering on-demand delivery. Delivery companies are transporting meals in all sorts of ways, from cars to scooters and bicycles, but a few companies are tapping into a network of drivers already on the road to connect people with their food. (SmartBrief)

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How millennials are building the next iconic pizza chain

Americans share a love affair for pizza, consuming a shocking 350 slices every second, but if you want to see a slice of the future, watch how a millennial pulls a piece from the pie. They are responsible for an increasing share of a U.S. pizza sales market expected to reach nearly $45 billion this year, up from $38.5 billion in 2015, according to Pizza Industry Analysis 2016. (CNBC)

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Restaurant Recession? Maybe Not If You’re Panera, Sonic Or Starbucks

Last month, two Wall Street analysts made a sobering call: the restaurant industry is heading for a choppy 18 months and could even find itself in the midst of a recession. Citing historical restaurant cycles, a glut of supply and increased competition from independent operators, the analysts warned of comparable store sales declines and shrinking margins in upcoming quarters. (Forbes)