2016 Primary Elections Results

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Candidates across the state ran for 346 open spots in the August 2, 2016 primary. You can see the races and candidates that we supported at: www.warestaurant.org/2016-endorsements.

While primaries are relatively known for having a limited voter turn-out this year’s was especially surprising. Approximately 35 percent of our state’s voters went to the ballot box; which is down from comparable years that averaged 41 percent. The low turn-out resulted in some interesting outcomes.

– Governor Jay Inslee’s lead now stands at 49.24 percent. Bill Bryant is at 38.46%. Common wisdom is that any incumbent who polls less than 50 percent in the primary is vulnerable. That said, we still believe Governor Inslee will win re-election in November, but the race is closer than many expected.

– Despite receiving more votes in total, no Democrats are moving forward in the race for Treasurer. In Washington state, the top two primary winners advance to the general election, without regard to party. The three Democrats vying for the position ended up diving the vote and two Republicans are moving forward: Duane Davidson is the frontrunner with 25 percent of the vote and Michael Waite continues with 23 percent.

– Incumbent secretary of State and WRA/WLA endorsed candidate Kim Wyman (R) is in a tight race with Tina Podlodowski (D). Wyman was Thurston County’s elections director for a decade, elected county auditor in 2001 and Secretary of State in 2012. She’s received support from both sides of the aisle. Voter participation itself may be the reason for this tight race as Podlodowski used low voter turnout as part of her platform for replacing Wyman.
– The leadership of the Legislature is up for grabs

    • The Senate is currently controlled by the Majority Coalition Caucus which is primarily Republican (25 Republicans and one Democrat). There are roughly four seats that could change the balance of power. Democrats would need to take three of the four seats to regain the majority. Right now control is up for grabs because of these four battleground seats:
        • In the 5th Legislative District: WRA/WLA endorsed candidate, Senator Mark Mullet (D) continues to hold a slim lead over challenger Rep. Chad Magendanz (R) with just 314 votes separating the two.
        • In the 17th Legislative District: WRA/WLA endorsed candidate, Rep. Lynda Wilson (R) has taken a razor thin lead over challenger Tim Probst (D). At this writing only 28 votes separate the two.
        • In the 28th Legislative District: WRA/WLA endorsed candidate, Senator Steve O’Ban (R) continues to hold a modest lead 53.75 percent over challenger Marisa Peloquin 46.25 percent.
        • In the 41st Legislative District: WRA/WLA endorsed candidate Senator Steve Litzow (R) trails challenger Lisa Wellman (D) by just 349 votes.
    • The House of Representatives is controlled by Democrats with a 50-48 margin. There appears to be nine toss up House seats, with five of those favored to go to Republicans, and four favored to go to Democrats. If those results hold, Democrats will control the House by a 51 to 47 margin. However, with turnout so low it’s very difficult to draw any definitive conclusions; and the race in the 30 Legislative district is only separated by two votes.

In our next State Government Affairs update we will give you insight on the upcoming November elections and initiatives that will be on the ballot. For questions contact, Stephanie Davenport at StephanieD@warestaurant.org or (360) 956-7279.

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