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Weekly Update: Liquor Control Board to adopt rules to fix pricing for spirits and wine

The Liquor Control Board (LCB) has signaled it plans to adopt a final version of rules that prohibit restaurants and bars’ ability to negotiate and receive preferential pricing on September 9.


Japanese cuisine and going “green” on this week’s tasty DineNW radio show

Don’t miss this week’s DineNW radio show, now online. Co-hosts Andy Cook and Paul Schlienz kick off the show by interviewing Greg Kim, owner of Sushi Joa, in Kirkland and Mercer Island. Andy and Paul then chat with Patrick McPherson, owner of Spokane’s Manito Tap House.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants provide great opportunities for women

Restaurants really are a great pathway for advancement, and nowhere is this more visible than in the opportunities they provide for women.

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Sustainable restaurants: lower costs, cleaner environment, community building, customer goodwill

Sustainability, in ecological terms, is the way biological systems remain diverse and productive. In more general terms, sustainability is achieved when systems work seamlessly together to endure.


Seattle Minimum Wage: You might be a larger employer than you think

The Washington Lodging Association and Washington Restaurant Association commissioned a legal analysis of Seattle’s Minimum Wage Ordinance to help their members understand and comply with the complex new law. The

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Get the skinny on trans fat

Following the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to remove partially hydrogenated oils from its list of “Generally Recognized as Safe” ingredients, the National Restaurant Association is offering information to help operators better understand the rule.

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Weekly Update: WRA-WLA merger update: Discussions move ahead on branding for new “post-merger” hospitality association

Taking two separate organizations that individually carry nearly 100 years of history and creating a new identity is the challenge now facing the Washington Restaurant Association and Washington Lodging Association as they plan to fully merge in 2016.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants get serious about energy efficiency

Restaurants are important parts of the community, so no one should be too surprised that these establishments are taking a leading role in demonstrating how businesses can become energy efficient – and why it is to their advantage to do so.

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Tacoma City Council adopts Mayor’s proposal

In July, the Tacoma City Council accepted an initiative on minimum wage introduced by Mayor Marilyn Strickland. This comes after the Mayor received recommendations from the stakeholder process she convened

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State of the Industry Forum- Register Today!

Join us at the annual State of the Industry Forum!


How to upgrade your ATMs to EMV and stay in business

by Bob Sliker Place an EMV compliant ATM in your store With liability shifts fast approaching, many independent ATM deployers are asking, “How do I upgrade my portfolio and stay

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ProStart: A glimpse into the past, a window into the future

Twenty years ago restaurants across the United States had a problem.

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Weekly Update: Legislative session ends after 176 days

The Washington State Legislature adjourned on Friday, July 10, after what was officially the longest session in our state’s history at 176 straight days.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants need clarity on telephone communication regulations

Complying with the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) is about to get much more difficult.

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First Aid Training: Be Prepared for Emergencies

Click here for scheduled First-Aid classes and registration Kitchens can be a dangerous place. With knives, hot oil, and slippery floors everywhere, employee injuries are inevitable. But certain precautions can