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Tips: a resource

Tips: an overview of the legal requirements. Tips and how they figure into the Seattle Minimum Wage Ordinance is complicated. Much of the ordinance is complex. In order to help

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Second special legislative session begins today

A second 30-day special session kicked off today as state lawmakers failed to reach a compromise on a new state budget. The first session ended yesterday.

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EXAMPLE: using tips towards minimum wage and overtime

Sally works for your Schedule 2 restaurant. She typically works 25 hours per week as a server, and 10 hours per week as an administrative assistant (admin), helping out with

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Robot kitchens on the near future menu

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s all very real and on its way to a restaurant near you sooner than you may think.

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How do people find you?

To talk with a VenueLabs About Local reputation management expert – click here It’s no secret the way we, as consumers, find local businesses has fundamentally changed. We now use

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Misconduct is your responsibility to prove

To find out more about Equifax claims management for your operations – click here  A case study Background: The claimant, a customer service representative, filed for benefits after being discharged. She

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The History of POS Systems

To speak with a Dinerware Point of Sale System’s expert click here It wasn’t until Charles Xavier Thomas’s invention of the “Arithmometer” that the first successful commercial calculator was built.

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8 ways to build delivery sales

With customers craving for convenience, you have the potential to grow your revenue stream by adding or enhancing delivery services.

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Washington Restaruant Weekly: New forecast reveals slight increase in revenue, but second special legislative session still likely

As the current special legislative session nears its May 28 end, legislators received an early revenue forecast this week, showing that they have more money to work with during budget negotiations.

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Congratulations to 2015 WRA award winners!

The Washington Restaurant Association is proud to announce the winners of its 2015 Industry Awards and special DeVere “Jerry” Burtenshaw Award, honoring its best and brightest members for their excellence, innovation, community service and contributions to the WRA. Congratulations to 2015’s Industry Award winners

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Ethanol mandate drives up food costs in a major way

Good intentions often have unintended consequences. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to ethanol.


Small restaurants can capitalize on ‘big data’

Every year Venuelabs and the Location Based Marketing Association release Mobile Consumer Benchmarks, a series of customer experience reports for key industry verticals that include Retail, Restaurants, and Hospitality. These


A guide to buying a new POS system

The decision to buy or lease a restaurant POS system can be confusing and overwhelming. This guide will help you navigate through the selection of a restaurant point of sale

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Loyalty Programs? Top 10 things to think about

WRA – Loyalty card program advisor It is not enough to just have a loyalty program anymore. Research conducted by Fast Company found that in the U.S., there are roughly

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Three Steps to a Paperless Restaurant Office

Decluttering and getting organized are much easier than you think. Hardware and software technology are at the point where the return-on-investment for going paperless makes perfect sense.