2015 WRA Buyer’s Guide in mailboxes now

2015 WRA Buyer’s Guide in mailboxes now https://wahospitality.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/WRA_june_Cover-940x198.jpg

The 2015 WRA Buyer’s guide is a “must have” list for Washington restaurants because it puts vendors and business, who have made a commitment to hospitality operations in the state, right at your fingertips.

The WRA has two types of members; restaurants and “Allied Members.” Allied members are businesses across the state who have recognized the importance of the hospitality sector, and who aim to be a part of it. Allied members understand that aligning their business with the good work that restaurants do in local communities breating jobs, training entry level employees, and providing viable career paths for thousands of Washingtonians – is a good idea.

The WRA allied community is an INTEGRAL part of the hospitality ecosystem in Washington, and each of our allied members has made the active choice to be a part of helping the industry flourish. WRA allied businesses have decided that association with the concerns of restaurants brings them closer to the heartbeat of the state’s economy. They see your restaurant as a viable partner in a strong, ongoing, and mutually beneficial relationship.

In short, WRA allied members care about your restaurant’s ability to thrive, and hope to provide products and services that help you succeed in our state’s competitive marketplace.

So when you are in need of a payroll service, reputation management, insurance, a new POS system, a cash machine in your store, legal advice, or Healthcare consulting and products, you will find the WRA Buyer’s guide to be a valuable resource filled with contact information for hundreds of reputable vendors across the state.

So look for the 2015 WRA Buyer’s guide in your mailbox.  Put it next to your computer on your desk, and when you encounter a situation where you need a third party solution, open it up, it’s very likely that the resolution to your issue is in your hands.

To view all WRA Allied Members online – click WRA Marketplace



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