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Government Affairs

Action NEEDED! The Liquor Control Board needs to hear from you

Without your help the Liquor Control Board will continue to restrict your ability to negotiate discounts and pricing on wine and spirits. You can change this by completing a six question survey here.

Government Affairs

Vote for Restaurants!

In November, your vote is more important than ever. You may be thinking, political types are always talking about the importance of elections. But here is why it’s important to you and everyone!


2014 edition of WRA Marketplace to be launched this fall

The Washington Restaurant Association (“WRA”) has again partnered with Overland Park, Kan.-based Strategic Value Media—a leading nationwide provider of print and digital media solutions for national, state and local trade and membership associations—to produce the 2014 edition of WRA Marketplace (the “Marketplace”)—the premier resource of relevant products and services for restaurant professionals. This will be the second year that the Marketplace will be produced.


Why Aren’t You Selling More Gift Cards?

by Elizabeth Kraus An estimated $110 billion was loaded onto gift cards in 2012, a number projected to rise to $138 billion in sales by 2015. Find out why gift

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Here’s how overtime changes could hurt restaurant employees

The National Restaurant Association and other business groups aren’t waiting for the Department of Labor to release its proposed changes to overtime regulations to make sure the regulators who are rewriting the rules fully understand the impact changes could have on opportunities for career advancement within restaurants and other industries.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: State’s foodservice industry gains more than 11,000 jobs since May 2013

Employment numbers show a positive trend. Where 209, 200 people were employed in Washington’s foodservices and drinking places job category, in June 2013, there were 220, 700 people in this same category one year later.

National News Room

FDA says restaurants should ensure gluten-free claims are consistent with federal definition

The Food and Drug Administration indicated this week that a new federal standard for “gluten-free” labeling is not technically binding on restaurants (except for items that restaurants sell in pre-packaged form), but that restaurants should ensure any gluten-free claims they make are consistent with the new federal definition.

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Hot Off the Grill: Primary election results rundown

On Tuesday, primary elections were held throughout Washington state for candidates ranging from Congress to the state Senate, state House and even municipal judges, school levies and local initiatives in some counties and cities.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Liquor Control Board needs your input on pricing regulations

The Liquor Control Board (LCB) has issued a Small Business Impact Survey so it can better understand the impact of its proposed rules that regulate pricing.


Anthony Anton and the Restaurant Dollar

Be sure and listen to WRA President & CEO Anthony Anton discuss trends in the restaurant industry, the impact of the Affordable Care Act and the $15 minimum wage, and

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Age differences affect customer expectations

It is always smart to know your customers, and one of the best ways to understand your patrons is to know their age group. According to a new survey from Technomic, there are big differences in the expectations of restaurants and attitudes toward food among generations.

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‘Backoff’ malware targets restaurants. Is yours at risk?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is warning retailers to step up their cyber-security to protect against aggressive new malware that aims to steal customer payment information.

National News Room

The NLRB’s latest attack on small business

NRA President and CEO Dawn Sweeney said in an op-ed last week that the National Labor Relations Board’s announcement that it will consider McDonald’s USA, LLC as a “joint employer” in a group of current unfair labor practice complaints against individual McDonald’s franchisees threatens a business model that has helped create millions of restaurant jobs.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: WRA announces candidate endorsements

Each year the WRA Government Affairs Committee endorses candidates that support restaurants and will work to keep a thriving business sector in our state.