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Member input needed on minimum wage issue

The Washington State Legislature will undoubtedly debate the question of raising the state minimum wage in the upcoming, 2015 session.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Nothing sweet for restaurants in California honey shortage

The Golden State is in the midst of a brutal, three year long drought. More than 80 percent of the state is laboring under “extreme” or “exceptional” drought. This would be bad enough if only Californians were suffering through water shortages.

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Are you ready for new health-care reporting requirements?

The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service have released draft forms that give businesses some idea about the voluminous data they’ll need to start tracking in 2015 under the Affordable Care Act, for reporting to the IRS and employees starting in early 2016.


Bringing them through the door – loyalty has its rewards

Let’s assume you did have a firm grasp on your staffing needs for the year, and your labor costs reflected careful planning and management over all the seasonal transitions. That

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National Food Safety Month Marks 20 Years of Promoting Food Safety Best Practices

As part of its strong commitment to food safety, the National Restaurant Association announced this year’s National Food Safety Month (NFSM), held annually in September, will mark its 20-year anniversary by featuring the top 20 food safety tips from the past 20 years.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Pacific Bells, Inc., honored with Restaurant Neighbor Award

Tom Cook, a resident of Vancouver, Wash., who owns Pacific Bells, Inc., was awarded the Washington Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Neighbor Award.

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A big restaurant company with an even bigger heart for helping receives Restaurant Neighbor Award

Locally, both large and small restaurants serve their community. Perhaps it’s just a rare element of Northwest culture; but no establishments have deeper community roots than restaurants. Today, a giant in the industry is being recognized for the ways it gives back.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Tabletop ordering gains favor with Millennials

Want Millennial customers to embrace your restaurant? Convenience and speed will always be strong selling points with this age cohort born roughly between 1982 and 2000.


RETRO DEADLINE: September 15, 2014

RETRO PARTICIPATION DEADLINE! SEPT 15 – 2014 What does this mean? GET MONEY BACK! Click here to sign a RETRO release Since 1986 The Washington Restaurant Association’s Retrospective Ratings Program (RETRO)has refunded $137.5


Work Safe, Save Money

Hospitality Workplace Safety Training Owners and operators of hospitality organizations know they are responsible for having a safety program in their establishments. For many well-meaning managers, it ends there. After

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Restaurant industry takes swipe-fee fight to Supreme Court

The restaurant industry, through the National Restaurant Association, continues to battle for fair debit-card swipe fees.

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Here’s why restaurants should support the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Time is running out for Congress to renew the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), a program that allows restaurants and other employers to help thousands of disadvantaged individuals enter and re-enter the workforce.

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Optimize busy season profitability

We’re coming into our busiest season. I know we can do more business during this time of year, how can we get more people through the restaurant to make the most of this opportunity?

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Vote for restaurants!

In November, your vote is more important than ever. You may be thinking political types are always talking about the importance of elections.