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This is a question supervisors, bosses, and Human Resource specialists ask themselves constantly, albeit quietly. Everyone wants zero injuries and companies have been known to insist on watchful waiting before

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Some of the web’s best marketing tools are easy and free

I once thought of myself as a bit of a Luddite in regards to technology. I didn’t own a smart phone until two years after they became household mainstays. I only recently discovered the existence of Tumblr and have just started getting onto Reddit.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Disease, drought, demand keep food prices high

Any hopes that commodity watchers might have had for a stable 2014 have proven to be false. Although some commodities, like lime, are expected to soon begin dropping, many other commodities that affect large segments of the foodservice industry are likely to remain high for months or perhaps years, requiring operators to explore alternative purchasing options.

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WRA bridges gap between state’s restaurants and distilleries

Last autumn, right about the time that the days started to grow shorter and the farmers in the eastern part of the state began to pull in their harvests, the Washington Restaurant Association began to take another good look at craft distillers in the state.

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President’s Column: Investment in education and training is essential—not a luxury

With the policy threats facing the industry (healthcare, $15 minimum wage, etc.), one thing is becoming increasingly clear: restaurants of the future we will need to get more productivity and efficiency out of our workforce, with very little room for error in taking employee risks or hiring mistakes.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Liquor Control Board holds hearing on prohibiting channel pricing

On Wednesday, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (LCB) held a public hearing on its proposal to prohibit restaurants and bars ability to negotiate for price on spirits and wine. The LCB’s proposal would prohibit price differentials based on any other reason except for volume. Even agreements based on volume, but delivered to separate locations or have periodic deliveries would be prohibited.

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The best seat in the house

Over the clatter of pots and pans, the waitress addresses the party of four dining just feet from the hot line at Buca di Beppo restaurant in Washington, D.C. “You’re

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What’s the difference between mediation and arbitration? Should my business sign a contract with a binding arbitration clause? Can I go to the local trial court if I don’t like


8 Social media tools for restaurant operators

In terms of social media, local marketing and Web marketing, the hospitality industry is poised for some incredible gains over the next few years. Restaurant marketers, however, must now start


Do you know about your experience factor?

The basic premium for your workers’ compensation coverage depends on the risk classification or classifications assigned to your business. There are approximately 300 classifications. Each refers to a type, or

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Cheese and wheat prices tumble, fuel costs are up

After months of rising cheese prices, restaurateurs got some relief when this commodity finally took a tumble during the week of April 6-12, dropping 17 cents from $2.38, on the Chicago Mercantile, to an average of $2.21. Unfortunately, cheese prices remain almost 60 cents higher than they were one year ago.


Review: Q.U.E.S.T. Vest helps busy restaurateurs manage their technology

Here is my review of the Q.U.E.S.T. Vest from Idaho-based Scottevest. This is a product we used heavily for the 2014 Northwest Foodservice Show because we needed something that allowed us to bring all of our technology together, while keeping everything organized and portable. For a good portion of the show I was basically a walking, one-man video streaming studio and I had the challenge of keeping everything powered and easily accessible whenever I needed to quickly access something.

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Your employees are your brand

by Paula Andruss No matter what resources you use or how much money you spend to build your brand externally, one customer’s interaction with an employee who can’t articulate what

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Poll: Public Opinion Shifting on $15/hour

The OneSeattle Coalition announced on Friday, April 18 the results of a public opinion poll that showed a sharp decline in support for an immediate increase of the minimum wage.

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Highlights from the Wage, Benefit and Operational Survey on Seattle Restaurants

The data contained in the Wage, Benefit and Operational Summary comes from a survey completed by over 400 restaurant locations inside the city of Seattle. It was conducted by the Washington Restaurant Association during the first quarter of 2014.