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Industry praises Congress’ attempt to nix ambush-election rule

The restaurant industry has applauded Congress for introducing legislation that would halt the National Labor Relations Board’s “ambush-election” unionizing rule and maintain fairness of union elections.

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High cheese prices wedge food costs

Higher cheese prices could raise restaurants’ food costs, but industry experts say now is not the time to raise menu prices or switch ingredients to compensate for the increase.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Liquor Control Board to prohibit “channel pricing” for restaurants and bars

Late last year, the Liquor Control Board (LCB) held a work session, where it outlined its intent to institute price controls, and dictate the types of negotiations and agreements licensees can enter into with distributors and suppliers for spirits and wine.

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How to Avoid Litigation – Know Your Deal Terms

As commercial litigators, we see business relationships after they go sour. We are often asked how businesses can avoid the time and expense associated with litigation. All things said and

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Restaurant renovations: Does your facility need a facelift?

A remodel can spruce up your restaurant’s image and transform your space to maximize sales. But before plunking your hard-earned dough into a redesign, check out these tips to help get a return on your investment.

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Four Focus Areas to Improve Product Cost

I don’t want to overhaul my menu, and I think my prices are where they need to be. Where should I start on the cost side?

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Hospitality employee turnover rose slightly in 2013

Although employee turnover rose for the third consecutive year, it remains relatively low in historical terms. In 2007, prior to the Great Recession, the turnover rate in the restaurants-and-accommodations sector was 80.9 percent.

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Lower swipe fees struck down by federal court

Restaurateurs lost big today in a decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The court struck down a lower court ruling that sided with retailers’ desire that the Federal Reserve should lower debit card swipe fees even more.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Restaurant and Retail Jobs and Growth Act would reduce tax burden on restaurants

Bipartisan legislation to reduce restaurant taxes has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Five technologies restaurants need to be using now to attract and keep customers

By Lex Nepomuceno, Executive Editor I often get asked, “All of this technology is great, but how does it help restaurants?” Providing a list with a hundred items would be

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Employee Health – When are they sick enough to tell them to stay home?

Healthy food workers are one of the most important ingredients in foodborne illness prevention. To protect public health, ill food employees must either be restricted from certain food handling activities

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Requirements for Tip Reporting Alternative Commitment (TRAC)

1. Educate employees about tip reporting. Estimated time commitment: Approximately one-half hour minimum, quarterly. What does “educating” mean? Well, it doesn’t mean having weeklyseminars on the history of tips (unless

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Poll: Job losses due to wage hike “unacceptable”

While a federal minimum wage increase tends to be popular among Americans, most won’t support an increase that comes at the expense of jobs, according to a new Bloomberg poll.

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President’s Column: The times, they are a-changing

For the first time since the WRA started tracking menu concepts, and likely the first time ever, there is a new #1 food-based menu theme in Washington.

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Hot Off the Grill: Legislature adjourns on time, first time in half a decade

For the first time in the better half of a decade, the Legislature adjourned on time. This year’s 60-day legislative session focused on passing a supplemental budget, which appropriated additional