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Hot Off The Grill: Budget proposals emerge from both the House and Senate

On Monday, a bipartisan supplemental budget proposal was unveiled in the Senate. On Thursday the proposal was passed out of the Senate with a strong bipartisan vote of 41 to eight and headed over to the House for consideration.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Handbook for Excellent Restaurant Operations has been updated

The WRA’s HERO Manual has been updated for 2014. The manual provides restaurateurs with valuable information including tax exemptions, food safety requirements, tip information and alcohol regulations. Several important updates

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IRS Offers Health Care Tax Tips to Help Individuals Understand Tax Provisions in the Affordable Care Act

The Internal Revenue Service is offering educational Health Care Tax Tips to help individuals understand how the Affordable Care Act may affect their taxes.

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Should restaurants adopt a page from airlines’ playbook?

As consumers’ pent-up demand for restaurant services remains elevated, restaurant operators continue to look for additional ways to nudge those consumers into stores.

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Hot Off the Grill: Legislature enters the final half

On Tuesday, the Legislature passed its third and most significant cut-off, when bills needed to pass from their house of origin in order to be considered further. Literally hundreds of

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: ACA House vote set for early March

The House is preparing to vote on the definition of a “full-time” worker as it relates to the Affordable Care Act, possibly as early as the first week of March.

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WRA introduces new coupon tool

Coupons are a great way for restaurants to get new customers in the door and to reward loyal customers for returning.

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Create buzz, test new ideas with pop-up restaurants

Pop-up restaurants are springing up everywhere and creating a buzz for many restaurateurs. They also can lead to new market share and extra revenue.

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Continued inaction on immigration reform harmful

Restaurateurs are standing up for immigration reform.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Restaurant job growth hit 18-year high in 2013

Job growth within the restaurant industry was broad-based in 2013, with several of the major segments registering strong gains.

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Proposed union rules would reduce employer rights

The National Labor Relations Board has resurrected its push for sped-up union elections, going on the offense now that the NLRB has a legal quorum and can move forward with rulemaking.

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Some employers get transition relief under health care law

The White House has announced some employers will receive relief under the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate next year.

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Valentine’s Day remains big dining out holiday

The second most popular holiday for dining out after Mother’s Day, this Valentine’s Day is expected to be busy for restaurant operators across the nation. Not only will millions of Americans dine out on that day, but many are also choosing restaurant gift cards to celebrate the occasion.