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Crossing barriers between government and business: your Education Foundation is a secret weapon

It’s time again to meet with our legislators in Olympia. As a restaurateur, it’s an opportunity to use your strongest arguments to encourage our government officials to assist, rather than be a barrier we have to deal with on a daily basis.

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Restaurant industry pushes to make 40 hours full time under health care law

The restaurant industry on Tuesday emphasized its support for bipartisan legislation to change the health care law’s definition of full-time from 30 hours to 40 hours.

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Hot Off the Grill: The WRA’s Priority Bill Advances

Second week of session kicks off The Legislature settled down to the process of lengthy hearings, bill introductions and the start of floor action during week two. This week, House

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Three ways to stay relevant in the offseason

This is the most difficult time of year for our business. The majority of our sales are seasonal and we are now in the offseason. What ways can I maximize our business to keep from building a big hole?

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How to avoid litigation: know your contract

By Emily Harris Gant It’s the dreaded moment– A deal with your landlord has gone sideways. Everyone’s threatening to call their lawyer. You’re looking at the possibility of a long,

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Challenges abound in 2014, but operators still optimistic

Compliance with the new health care law, keeping up with food and labor costs and the potential for more budget battles in Washington, D.C., could affect the country’s economic recovery and challenge the restaurant industry’s business performance, according to the National Restaurant Association’s 2014 Restaurant Industry Forecast.

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Automatic Tips? Not So Fast!

Those mandatory 18% tips on checks for large dining parties will get more expensive for restaurateurs starting January 1, 2014.

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Hot Off The Grill: Session explodes out of the gate

The Legislature convened on Jan. 13 for their regularly scheduled 60-day session. And what an opening week they had. The quantity of bills being introduced may be unprecedented. In a

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Washington state Legislature kicks off with possible spending increases and cuts

The 2014 legislative session kicked off with the state of the state speech by Gov. Jay Inslee, who outlined his vision for the 2014 session. He included education, tax loopholes, tourism, B&O tax exemptions and sustainable energy as his lead items.

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Better nutrition, lower sodium, less fat tops with consumers

As 2014 starts to kick into high gear, restaurants are turning their focus toward offering more healthfully prepared items that will coincide with consumer demand for better nutrition, lower fat and less sodium.

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Top Five Web Resources for the 2014 Legislative Session

By Lex Nepomuceno, Executive Editor Keeping track of legislative activities can be a challenge for the average citizen, let alone a busy restaurateur. Should you download a mobile app? Which

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Hot Off The Grill: Legislative session getting ready to convene

Although, the Legislature does not convene until Monday, Jan. 13, bill introduction and scheduling for hearings began in earnest this week. This level of activity leading up to a 60

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11 questions about music licensing

Music is one of the most important elements to establishing the mood in your restaurant. But make sure you have the necessary licensing to comply with copyright statutes. Performing rights organizations, such as BMI and ASCAP, act as intermediaries between restaurants and performing arts to protect intellectual property. Restaurants pay a fee to the performing rights organizations, which return most of the fee to songwriters, publishers and composers.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: The IRS starts enforcement on new tip regulations

The Internal Revenue Service issued a revenue ruling on automatic gratuities that will go into effect this month. The ruling, issued this time last year, allowed time for businesses to change policies before it went into effect.