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Tip Pooling Requirements Remain in Dispute

Disclaimer – You are reading archive content on tip pooling. For the most current information, visit: Restaurant owners should be aware of the on-going and somewhat convoluted dispute between federal

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SeaTac minimum wage measure to go to recount

There will be a recount of the closely contested SeaTac Proposition 1, the union-backed initiative to raise the minimum wage in certain businesses in SeaTac to $15 an hour.

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Employee Hiring: Suiting the seasonal rush

Having the right type and amount of personnel during these periods will weigh on how well you perform. The following thoughts will help ensure you’re ready for a rush.

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Congress finds common ground in patent trolls

Democrats and Republicans in Congress agree: Patent trolls are bad for business.

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EPA proposes lowering biofuel-blending requirement

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed lowering the amount of biofuel—including corn-based ethanol—that must be blended into gasoline under the Renewable Fuel Standard, a move the National Restaurant Association called a step in the right direction toward legislative changes to the RFS, which has been partly to blame for higher corn prices.

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79 Million Americans will Rely on Restaurants this Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday

New research from the National Restaurant Association found that 33 million Americans will rely on restaurants for all or parts of their Thanksgiving meals this year. In addition, 46 million Americans are expected to dine out while shopping on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday.

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New FDA Food Code offers guidance on food-safety rules for restaurants

The Food and Drug Administration last week released updated guidance for states and localities on how to regulate food safety and sanitation in restaurants and other retail businesses.

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FDA plans to phase out artificial trans fat, seeks comments

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced plans to prohibit partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs)—the main source of artificial trans fat in food—in processed foods.

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SeaTac Initiative results remain unclear, though gap closing

It’s down to the wire. In a highly unpredictable race, the ‘No’ vote on SeaTac’s Proposition 1– which seeks to mandate a $15/hour minimum wage– made significant gains narrowing the lead

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Washington State Liquor Control Board Proposes New Restrictions on Liquor Prices

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, the Washington State Liquor Control Board moved forward with a proposal to restrict competitive pricing in the liquor market.

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October job growth positive, despite government dysfunction

In his latest commentary, the National Restaurant Association’s Chief Economist Bruce Grindy analyzes the latest jobs report. Both restaurants and the overall private sector registered solid job growth in October, as the government shutdown had little impact. However, restaurant operators’ outlook for economic conditions sunk to a nine-month low.

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Restaurant industry urges Senate action on patent reform

The National Restaurant Association has called on the U.S. Senate to support reforms to provide restaurants and other technology end-users with relief from abusive infringement lawsuits brought by patent trolls.

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Restaurant Owners Need Flexibility in Health Care Law Reporting Requirements

This week, the restaurant industry reiterated its support of a streamlined reporting process for employer-sponsored health plans, noting that a simplified structure would minimize the chances of employees being forced to repay tax credits for which eligibility was inaccurately determined, as well as reduce unnecessary administrative burdens on employers.


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