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July brings more to celebrate than just the 4th

Starting tomorrow, the state’s restaurant industry will enjoy several of the WRA’s biggest victories during this legislative session. From decreased liquor license fees and liquor prices, to the employee meal tax exemption, the foodservice industry will soon experience the fruits of this session’s labor.

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WRA Education Foundation applauds Kent-Meridian ProStart student for scholarship

The Washington Restaurant Association Education Foundation is pleased to congratulate Rebecca Prengel, a senior at Kent-Meridian High School, for being awarded a $10,000 scholarship to study culinary arts at The Art Institute of Seattle.


Other things to celebrate this 4th of July weekend

Price hike on liquor will roll back In 2009, the Liquor Control Board chose to raise liquor prices for all customers, despite having received legislative direction to withhold a price

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LCB to review rules regarding entertainers

On Wednesday, the Liquor Control Board approved a request to review WAC 314-11-015(3)(d). This rule is in regards to entertainers or performers such as comedians or musical acts, etc., consuming

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Congress asked to extend DREAM Act to ProStart

For those of us working in this industry, we are well aware of the fact that the restaurant industry is one of opportunity and careers. But just in case you

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Cutting costs? Consider new sustainability options

Advances in sustainability know-how and technology can help restaurants cut operating costs regardless of how large their greening budget might be, experts stressed…

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Vinegar, honey and other ways of drawing local fans

Restaurateurs hunting for ways to put more local and sustainable choices on their menus found a bounty of suggestions at the National Restaurant Show last month.

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Weekly Center Plate for June 23, 2011

This week’s headlines: The race is on for I-1183 petitions; Restaurant employee meal tax exemption takes effect July 1; Federal health care exchanges positioned to change industry; IRS increases standard mileage rates; Watch for WRA’s 2011 Legislative Review!

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Center Plate: The race is on for I-1183 petitions

June 23, 2011 The race is on for I-1183 petitions On Friday, June 17, the Thurston County Superior Court ruled on the final ballot title and description of I-1183, paving

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Tips to communicate with your employees

Have you ever heard the saying there is no such thing as over-communication? In today’s workplace many of us would say otherwise. I’ve been to a few back-to-back meetings that

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Customer feedback: Why you need it and how to get it

Customers complain more than they praise. Everyone in this business knows that. But is there more to complain about? Or are customers only motivated to speak up when they’re annoyed?

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Ready, set, go! I-1183 effort needs your help

In order to qualify for the ballot, more than 300,000 signatures must be gathered on petitions for I-1183, the initiative that eliminates the state monopoly on the sale and distribution of liquor, will allow qualified private retailers and distributors to compete for consumer’s (and restaurant’s) business.

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Needed: 300,000 petition signatures on I-1183 by July 8

On Friday, June 17, the Thurston County Superior Court ruled on the final ballot title and description of I-1183, paving the way to gather signatures to qualify the measure for the November ballot.

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Friending conservation-minded consumers

Savvy operators are using a variety of methods to inform customers of their recycling efforts, according to the National Restaurant Association’s new recycling study produced with support from Georgia-Pacific Professional.

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I-1183 petitions roll out this weekend

On Friday afternoon, a favorable ruling on the ballot title and summary was delivered on I-1183, the initiative that seeks to privatize the state’s liquor sales. Proponents of the measure are now quick at work printing the petitions registered voters will be able to sign to qualify the measure for the November ballot.