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WRA Seattle Chapter Salutes Law Enforcement Bravery

Bravo to the Seattle Chapter! Once again, the restaurant industry proves just how hospitable it really is! Thanks to the efforts of restaurants and suppliers throughout the city, more than

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National Restaurant Association Responds to NYC Sodium Reduction

The NRA announced yesterday that while they appreciate what the New York Board of Health is trying to do by implementing a voluntary program to reduce sodium, that they support

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Washington Restaurant Association Advocates Foodservice Industry as Engine for State’s Economic Recovery

OLYMPIA, Wash.—The Washington Restaurant Association announced today it will focus its efforts this legislative session on protecting the foodservice industry from harmful legislation that could compound conditions in an already challenging business climate.

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New York City to Implement Voluntary Sodium Reduction

You may have read our CEO’s column in our magazine The Front Burner this month which predicts sodium will be one of the top issues restaurants will face in 2010.

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Washington state’s staggering deficit puts the business community at risk

As legislators scramble to fill the gaps they will certainly be looking to businesses as a resource. If you haven’t already noticed unemployment taxes have gone up. The Tacoma News