You are losing money by not preventing claims

You are losing money by not preventing claims

One of the great benefits of WRA RETRO program participation is that when you are navigating a claim, The WRA has partnered with ERNwest to provide a high level of prevention expertise to back you up at every turn.

Many restaurateurs can quickly become confused by unemployment claims process, and without the benefit of RETRO participation they are forced to self-represent when claims arise. Although some manage their way through the process, many make simple mistakes that might have been mitigated by professional claims management and advice. The end result? These restaurants lose money within a poorly managed process. Often, substantial amounts could have been saved through affiliation with ERNwest and RETRO.

The takeaway? If you are not a RETRO participant, you should explore the program and all the benefits participation offers. If you are are a RETRO participant, you should educate yourself now, so that when a claim does arise, you are prepared to deal with it in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. This starts with being aware of all of the valuable claims prevention resources that ERNwest and the WRA offer through RETRO participation.

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Why ERNwest?

In 2012, an extensive evaluation by WRA’s RETRO Task Force, Member Services Corporation (MSC) Board and several member risk managers precipitated the current  partnership between RETRO and ERNwest. The WRA launched the Retro Task Force as a means to ensure its members receive the greatest value and service from its providers.  The result was an in-depth 12 month review of RETRO programs and affiliates. After careful consideration of several key factors, the MSC Board chose ERNwest as a valuable claims prevention and mitigation partner for our members.

“It is important to note that ERNwest’s proposal offered many  member benefits,” said WRA CEO Anthony Anton. “ERNwest’s fundamental philosophy toward claims resolution will benefit our members. They believe in proactive claims management, and dedicate themselves to reducing time loss, fighting every frivolous claim, and working with doctors and L&I to get employees back to work. They strive to reduce costs, and will do everything in their power to accomplish this goal for our members.”

Since the WRA’s affiliation began with ERNwest WRA members have noticed a few changes in the claims process that definitively bring additional benefits to the table.

  • Online access to ERNwest’s claims management system, providing transparency in the process and allowing members to know what is going on at all times.
  • Members recieve all documentation associated with every open claim at their establishments from the Department of Labor and Industries.
  • Twice the number of dedicated staff are available to handle claims.
  • One dedicated staff person will handle a claim from its beginning to resolution.

“Retro programs in Washington are moving into new era, with new rules and new calculations,” Anton concluded. “I believe ERNwest will help us navigate these new rules with a sense of urgency, and will create innovative ways to help our members manage your claims.”

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