MAST 11-4-10 Letter

It is with great pleasure that the Washington Restaurant Association Education Foundation (WRAEF) announces the roll out of our online MAST program, ServSafe Alcohol Online. The recent legislative changes are allowing MAST programs to go online. At this time, the WRAEF has a tentative launch date of spring 2011. I encourage you to check back here for more current information as the date gets closer.

What does this mean for WRAEF MAST Trainers?
Since the discussion for online training started, many trainers have called the WRAEF questioning just how the change will affect them. In short, it may not affect you at all. The current MAST curriculum that our trainers use is approved by the Liquor Control Board (LCB) through October 2011. If you or your establishment chooses, you may continue to hold in-person MAST classes, with your current materials, until then. How you utilize the online program is completely up to you.

What will happen after October 2011?
As stated above, the WRAEF MAST curriculum is only good through October 2011. It is the intention of the WRAEF to not only recertify as a MAST provider for in-person training, but to take the opportunity to switch to a nationally recognized MAST curriculum. ServSafe Alcohol, as our online program of choice, will also become the curriculum for our in-person MAST training. Any student of the ServSafe Alcohol program will receive not only their class 12 or 13 MAST permit but they will also receive a ServSafe Alcohol certification.

Become a ServSafe Alcohol Trainer
Since ServSafe Alcohol is a national program, any WRAEF trainer who would like to make the transition with us will need to become certified as a ServSafe Alcohol trainer. We are making every effort to provide the certification and start up materials to our trainers at no cost. To help us in fulfilling this goal, we need to know how many of our current trainers are interested in becoming a ServSafe Alcohol trainer through the WRAEF MAST program. We will then set up a one day trainer certification course for trainers so that we can make a seamless transition to the new program.

It is important for us to inform you in advance of making the decision to become a ServSafe Alcohol trainer that the pricing will be different from our current MAST program. While we don’t have the actual permit processing fees available at this time, it is likely going to be more expensive because of the national certification. More information regarding the pricing will be available later in 2011.

Complete a Letter of Intent
If you are interested in becoming a ServSafe Alcohol trainer for the WRAEF MAST program and want to receive your certification and materials free of charge, you must return the completed Letter of Intent that is enclosed. All Letters of Intent must be received by January 15, 2011. This will help give us more time to calculate the cost of the training and to find a sponsor to help us keep it free of charge.

What will happen if you don’t become a ServSafe Alcohol trainer?
If you decide that you do not want to become a ServSafe Alcohol trainer with the WRAEF,you may continue to hold MAST classes until October 1, 2011. All tests must be received by October 15, 2011 to ensure processing before our program expires on November 1, 2011. Any tests received after October 15th may be returned, unprocessed. On November 1st, any trainers who have not attended our ServSafe Alcohol trainer certification class will then be marked as inactive and may no longer hold MAST classes.

The WRAEF values its trainers and wants to make this future transition as seamless as possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Kristina McLeod, our Program Coordinator, at 877.695.9733 x135 or We look forward to the future success of our trainers and ServSafe Alcohol.

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