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Encourage Customer Loyalty This Summer

Learn how Fishbowl can help with your restaurant marketing… Morgan Sheats. Senior Social Media & Email Specialist Take advantage of the slow summer months to focus on rewarding your most

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Attract New Business with Optimized Review Sites

The summer months are a popular time for vacation and it’s no surprise that one of the most popular activities travelers look forward to when venturing to new cities is

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Yelp for Restaurants: Top 5 Questions

Yelp for Restaurants: Top 5 Questions Karen Hoop, Email and Social Media Specialist As restaurant marketing experts, we manage online reviews for hundreds of clients. While there are multiple review

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Hospitality: The secret ingredient for restaurant success

Hospitality is front and center in the restaurant industry – or at least it should be.

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8 ways to build delivery sales

With customers craving for convenience, you have the potential to grow your revenue stream by adding or enhancing delivery services.

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Video’s role in the restaurant business

Being in hospitality, it is easy to overlook various mediums in communicating to our customers or staff. One of the fundamentals of our industry is dealing directly with consumers, potential customers and new employees.

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Restaurants embrace the versatile QR code

It seems like QR codes are nearly everywhere. These unique codes, looking something like digital Rorschach tests, are among the most versatile creations of the computer age.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants ignore social media at their own peril

Social media is everywhere. From customers taking pictures of their meals at a restaurant and uploading the photos to Instagram to writing reviews on Yelp to tweeting their presence at eatery to Twitter to liking their favorite restaurant’s Facebook page, everything about people’s restaurant experiences are now on display on social media.

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4 Ways Facebook Advertising Can Help Your Restaurant

If you have a Facebook page, you may know that the social media giant has made changes to how it displays posts in the Newsfeed, reducing the number of people who see posts from business Pages, even those they’ve previously Liked.

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Loyalty marketing: Why your restaurant can’t do without it

Today’s consumers are more sophisticated, demanding and savvy than ever. They use online reviews, social media and word of mouth to determine their purchasing decisions.

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Some of the web’s best marketing tools are easy and free

I once thought of myself as a bit of a Luddite in regards to technology. I didn’t own a smart phone until two years after they became household mainstays. I only recently discovered the existence of Tumblr and have just started getting onto Reddit.

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Visual Conversation: Using Instagram for your restaurant

Instagram announced that more than 100 million people use the app every month. Users are sharing images of their friends, pets, and, of course, their food.

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Pouring Profits: Millennials & Adult Beverages

Americans between the ages of 21 and 34 are an interesting lot, something of an enigma. Here’s what we know about them:

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Should restaurants adopt a page from airlines’ playbook?

As consumers’ pent-up demand for restaurant services remains elevated, restaurant operators continue to look for additional ways to nudge those consumers into stores.

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WRA introduces new coupon tool

Coupons are a great way for restaurants to get new customers in the door and to reward loyal customers for returning.