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Weekly Update: State Department of Health considers 29.3 percent increase to lodging license fees

Happy Thanksgiving to our members! And remember that the Washington Hospitality Association’s Olympia office will be closed on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23) and on Friday, Nov. 24. Have a great holiday!

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One in ten adults are planning to eat their Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant

Nearly one in 10 adults (9 percent) plan to eat a Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant this year, according to a new survey from the National Restaurant Association. 

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Invest Heavily in Training for Big Returns

With the difficulty in staffing that comes with such low unemployment, we clearly must do a better job of developing bench strength. I’m considering many options, but where would you start?

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The Future of Telehealth Is Closer Than You Think

HIHIT now offers telehealth services as a creative and cost-effective way to connect your employees with the services they need in times of health crisis.

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Legally Valid Unpaid Internships are Rare

The master-apprentice learning relationship is a time-honored tradition in the hospitality industry, but there are very clear legal requirements on compensation for apprentices.

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Two Minute Video: What you need to know 11/13/17

2017 Election Results; Walla Walla short term rentals; Immigrants and refugees in Tacoma.

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President’s Column: Changes in the Workforce

The days of a readily available workforce are gone. Like it or not, getting 50 to 70 applications in response to a single job posting is probably a thing of the past.

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Eye on Hospitality: FDA Releases Menu Labeling Guidance

Well before the May 7, 2018, effective date for the long-awaited federal menu labeling regulations, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has rolled out some non-binding “guidance” to help with implementation.

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How to Raise a Hospitality Leader

What does it take to bring an entry-level employee up into the ranks of your best supervisors? How do you ultimately grow a manager from scratch and train people to move your organization forward? A well-trained, well-conditioned, ready-for-the-frontlines leader only EVER arrives because of good guidance on your part.

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Eye on Hospitality: Hotel Security After Las Vegas

The world was shocked and grieved at the senseless shooting from the Mandalay Bay resort’s 32nd floor, in Las Vegas, on Oct. 1. The hotel industry, of course, was especially devastated by this insane and evil act. Not surprisingly, there is now serious discussion within the industry about security upgrades to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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Two Minute Video: What you need to know 10/30/17

2017 Lodging Convention a Big Success; Star of the Industry Awards presented; Dept. Health proposes fee increases for transient accommodations; Walla Walla City Council working on short term rental regulations.

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Weekly Update: Hoteliers from Around the State Gathered at Successful Lodging Convention

Washington’ Lodging Convention has a long tradition, and this week hoteliers gathered once again at the Convention to renew relationships, learn from industry experts and shop at the state’s premier lodging trade show. The Convention was held at Tulalip Resort Casino, and owners, operators and future leaders addressed topics including evolving guest expectations, distribution, HR challenges and cybersecurity.

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Getting Creative: Retaining and Growing Great Employees in a Tight Labor Market

Employers are facing a challenging environment with a tight labor market where job seekers may just have the upper hand.

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Weekly Update: Washington Hospitality Association Wins Case Against LCB’s 24-Liter Rules

A big win for the Washington Hospitality Association! In 2012, the Liquor Control Board (LCB) limited sales of liquor from retailers to restaurants to 24-liters per day.

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Eye on Hospitality: Learn About Cyberthreats at Washington Hospitality Lodging Convention

In August, the Seattle Office of Federal Bureau of Inspection (FBI) and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle alerted the Washington Hospitality Association to a growing threat to the hospitality industry from cybercriminals.