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The Room-Service Revolution: How Hotels Are Upping Their Game

In-room dining was a dying art. But the rise of celeb-chefs in hotel restaurants and food-delivery services are giving guests innovative new ways to combine gluttony and privacy. (Wall Street Journal)

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What’s up with food safety? Here’s your helping

More than 100 of the restaurant industry’s food-safety executives came to Washington, D.C. this week for our annual Quality Assurance Executive Study Group meeting. The reason? (National Restaurant Association)

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Instagram has changed the way people interact. It’s made stars out of everyday people, propped up an entire influencer market, and can even be used to detect when someone became clinically depressed. (VinePair)

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What if food prep becomes the top tech skill we can’t live without? Sound crazy? Bear with me…

What if we started learning food prep and cooking in elementary school? And I’m not thinking about food prep as an elective course or two. (LinkedIn)

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Weekly Update: Washington Hospitality Association Wins Case Against LCB’s 24-Liter Rules

A big win for the Washington Hospitality Association! In 2012, the Liquor Control Board (LCB) limited sales of liquor from retailers to restaurants to 24-liters per day.

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Eye on Hospitality: Learn About Cyberthreats at Washington Hospitality Lodging Convention

In August, the Seattle Office of Federal Bureau of Inspection (FBI) and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle alerted the Washington Hospitality Association to a growing threat to the hospitality industry from cybercriminals.

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How Hilton sees digital today and in the hotel of the future

Imagine walking into a hotel room where your favourite TV shows, air-temperature and other preferences are already in place. Well, according to Hilton, which is beta-testing a smart room where “the room knows you and you know your room” this futuristic-sounding experience could be available in its hotels by next year, along with advancements in in-room entertainment. (Tnooz)

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What Mobile Apps, Millennials Reveal About Restaurants

There is no doubt that quick-service restaurants have evolved since they first appeared on the food service horizon. Chains that were established based on low price and fast service, with limited hours and only a handful of menu options available, have reinvented themselves dramatically. (QSR)

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Wasted Bites Get Culinary Love From All-Star Chefs and Startups

These days, diners are on the persistent hunt for the latest food trend, be it sushi donuts, matcha or quinoa. Now, those with culinary prowess are looking directly under their feet (and sometimes in their trash cans) for the next great bite. (Forbes)

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Who eats fast food? Basically, everyone

Nearly everyone consumes fast food. Quick-service restaurant customers in the U.S. span all levels of wealth, income, age and region, according to a new study from Jay Zagorsky (left), an economist and research scientist at Ohio State University, and Patricia Smith, an economics professor at the University of Michigan. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Hyatt Suffers Second Data Breach in Two Years

Hyatt isn’t alone. But the bigger question is why does this keep happening at so many hotels? (Skift)

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Don’t Leave Data on the Table: Why a Smart POS Matters for Restaurants

In the hospitality business, every exchange offers a chance to get to know your customers better. This article from TD Bank will explore how restaurants stand to benefit from an updated POS that is able to collect, analyze and store important customer information. (Hospitality Technology)

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Survey: Some McDonald’s franchisees being pushed out by remodel costs

Blog: Instinet survey suggests mounting capital projects are forcing older and smaller operators to sell. Costs for remodeling and other changes are hurting profits for McDonald’s Corp. franchisees — to the point that it’s pushing some operators out of the business. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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MillerPulse: Storms, continued traffic woes hurt September same-store sales

Same-store sales declined 0.6 percent in September, according to the latest MillerPulse index, as Hurricanes Irma and Harvey put pressure on sales in major markets. Larry Miller, cofounder of the monthly restaurant same-store sales report, said that storms hurt same-store sales by 40 basis points in both August and September, respectively, when storms pounded major markets in Texas and Florida. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Seize the Day (with Instagram Stories)

by Pia Larson It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different social media platforms available today. What is often more daunting is making sense of all the advice everyone gives